Bob Hawke Discharged From Sydney Hospital

Popular former Prime Minister Bob Hawke has been formally discharged from hospital home following his three-day hospital stay

What you need to know
  • Former prime minister Bob Hawke has left hospital
  • The 88-year-old was admitted to hospital on Monday night after he fell and hit his head, his daughter revealed
  • He has not returned to his family home

To the relief of well-wishers across the country, popular former PM Bob Hawke has left hospital.

Hawke, 88,  was admitted to Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital on Monday night for treatment of an undisclosed condition. When reports he was suffering pneumonia or a stroke began to circulate, a spokeswoman assured the nation he was suffering from neither and hoped to be discharged within 48 hours.

During a television appearance on the Seven Network,  Hawke's daughter Sue Pieters-Hawke revealed her father had knocked his head during a fall at home, which resulted in his hospitalization.

"So they're just very rigorous about screening for concussion and keeping for observation for a few days," she said.

"And he's fine. No brain damage, no bleeds, no stroke, no nothing. Just a break, and we're arguing about whether the break's for him or for Blanche."

Hawke was Australia's 23rd prime minister and arguably its most beloved, serving from 1983-1991 during which time he lead the Labor party to four consecutive electoral victories.

Rising to prominence alongside the advent of television, Hawke took advantage of the new technology to bolster a following during the 1960's and 70's.

Once elected, Hawke used his time in office to establish a historic accord between Labor and the Australian Council of Trade Unions, providing Australians with Medicare and superannuation.