64-Year-Old Deaf Uber Driver Bashed In ‘Disgusting’ Road Side Attack

Holden Captiva involved in the incident had been stolen and used for other offences.

What you need to know
  • 64-year-old deaf Uber driver assaulted by three men in south-east Melbourne
  • Victim says he flashed his lights after seeing a black Holden Captiva driving erratically in another lane
  • Police want to speak to two people who intervened

Deaf Uber driver Ron Chapman is pleading for help in catching three men who brutally assaulted him and stole his car in south-east Melbourne.

Chapman who was off-duty at the time says he began pursuing a black Holden Captiva before he was attacked, after he saw the vehicle driving erratically on Frankston-Dandenong Road at Currum Downs at around 9:30pm on April 29.

The 64-year-old grandfather said he flashed his lights to indicate he was passing the vehicle, before the Captiva moved in behind his car and struck him from behind.

"Disgusting Act": 64-year-old Ron Chapman was assaulted by three men in Melbourne's south-east. SOURCE: Victoria Police

Chapman then began pursuing the Captiva to take down its registration after it pulled into a nearby side street.

He said a man got out of the Captiva and opened his side door snatching the book from him, before punching Chapman in the face.

“Although I know life is more important than a car or any incident you might get involved in, I just wanted to get their registration details,” Chapman said, through a translator.

“It was very traumatic for me and very scary.”

Chapman says two other men then came out of the car and attacked him from behind causing him to fall to the ground and strike his head on the concrete.

An unknown man and a woman are believed to have intervened, scaring off the three men.

The 64-year-old suffered lacerations to his eyebrow and forehead from the incident.

Victoria Police on Tuesday confirmed the Holden Captiva which has since been recovered, had been stolen from an address in Mount Waverly earlier last month and was involved in a string of other offenses.

Senior Constable Nicholas Jung said the incident ws a “disgusting act” and said Chapman had done the “right thing” in writing down the registration following the collision.

Jung said police are particularly interested in hearing from the two witnesses who came to Chapman’s aid.

Police have released an image of a person they believe can assist with their inquiries.

Jung said because of the nature of the attack and Chapman’s injuries, he was unable to identify the exact location of the assault.

Chapman says he is now focusing on staying positive but has trouble sleeping following the incident.

“I don’t want those people hurting more people in the community,” he said.