Brekky Wrap: CBA Loses The Data For 20 Million Accounts, Cambridge Analytica Bankrupt and Cricket Australia's New Head Coach

Plus,“I got a bad feeling from him.” Cate Blanchette becomes the latest celebrity to speak out against Harvey Weinstein.

The Commonwealth Bank has admitted to losing the data for 20 million bank accounts in 2016, but insists customer's data hasn't been compromised.  The statements include the names, addresses, account numbers and transaction details of customers. CBA says the information was lost by company Fuji-Xerox and that they have privately investigated the matter.  CBA didn't notify customers because they didn't want to cause unnecessary worry.

It's bad to worse for The Commonwealth Bank. Image: Getty Images

Justin Langer has been named Cricket Australia's new Head Coach. The former opening batsman played 105 Test Matches for Australia, his last in 2007. Langer will be taking over from Darren Lehmann who resigned after the ball-tampering scandal.

Meet Australia's new Cricket coach. Image : Getty Images

Australian Actor Cate Blanchett has said that Hollywood movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was inappropriate with her. In an interview with Variety, Blanchett said she "wouldn't do what he was asking me to do." She also said she hopes Weinstein goes to jail for his misconduct.

Cate Blanchett speaks out against Harvey Weinstein. Image : Getty Images

Australia's space industry will receive a $50 million boost in this year's Federal Budget which is due to be handed down on Tuesday. The funding will be used to establish a dedicated Australian space agency with the aim of creating thousands of new jobs. The Government is yet to decide where the agency will be located.

$50 million will be pumped into Australia's space industry. Image : Getty Images

Cecilia Haddad's former partner has become a main interest in the investigation into her death. The man is believed to have left Australia on the weekend she died. Police will fly to Perth today to speak to Haddad's family and friends as their investigation continues.

Police fly to Perth today to speak to Cecilia Haddad's family. Image : Victoria Police.

Cambridge Analytica, the company involved in the Facebook data breach that compromised the information of over 300,000 Australians, has today declared itself bankrupt. The business is set to shut down after what it says were unfair and misleading media reports. Cambridge Analytica maintains that its gathering of Facebook data is legal.

Cambridge Analytica files for bankruptcy. Image : Getty Images

Liverpool FC has secured their place in the Champions League final winning on aggregate against Roma 7-6. The reds will meet Spanish side Real Madrid in the decider on May 27 in the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

After being rejected by her mother, baby giraffe Eyelean has rejoined the other giraffe's at South Australia's Monarto Zoo.  Zoo keepers intervened after Eyelean's mother failed to bond with her following her birth in January. But after a little TLC Eyelean is doing better than ever and is ready to mingle with the other animals.

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