'Mobile' Pink Slips To Launch In NSW, But At What Cost?

Could the service providers be breaking the law?

What you need to know
  • Motorists will be able to call on mobile mechanics from the end of May.
  • These services have been 'unofficially' available for some time.
  • The NSW Government has called the 'unofficial' practice unlawful.

Waiting around at a mechanic’s workshop for a pink slip could  become a thing of the past, with a trial of mobile inspections to launch in NSW.

Starting at the end of next month, car owners will be able to call on mobile mechanics to carry out the inspection, which is required for all vehicles older than five years to pass registration.

"The trial aims to ensure mobile pink slip inspections can be delivered in a safe and effective way, on top of improving convenience and flexibility for motorists,” said Roads Minister Melinda Pavey.

While the maximum pink slip cost of $40 won’t change,  Pavey revealed on Thursday that mechanics will be able to charge an additional call out fee if they choose.

Motorists can call on mobile mechanics, but at what cost?

Both Roads and Maritime Services and the NRMA, which suggested the trial, were unable to say exactly how much more motorists would be asked to pay for the service.

However it has been suggested a basic call out fee within a local area could be as low as $30.

Currently, drivers must take their vehicle to an approved mechanic’s workshop to have the pink slip inspection carried out.

But Ten Eyewitness News has learned mobile inspections have been “unofficially” available for some time, with two separate mobile mechanic companies confirming they already offer the service.

The NSW Government says - technically speaking - those providers are breaking the law.

The six month trial - involving 42 mobile mechanic providers - starts on May 28.