Exactly What To Wear To Your Redundancy Meeting (Aside From A Look Of Despair)

We all know how tricky it can be to nail the perfect 'interview outfit', but what about its haggard little cousin -- the outerview outfit'?

So you've been laid off in the middle of a pandemic? That sucks babe! But just because your livelihood is in tatters, doesn't mean your hair should be.

Knowing what to wear to any office-related function or meeting can be super tricky. Lucky for you, that's not your problem anymore. Because you're unemployed.

Step one, put on a nice blazer. Step two, take the fish. Image: Jerry Maguire

Your redundancy meeting is your last hurrah, here's how to do it in style:

Tubular Mascara

Tubular mascara is a must-have beauty item for its unparalleled waterproof qualities.

As salty tears stream down your face and puddle below your nostrils, your lashes will remain fabulous and run-free. Much like a HECS debt, tubular mascara will barely budge.

A Sharp Blazer

A good blazer is the number one style staple that you definitely should have already bought back when you had an income.

Pair a smart blazer over pyjamas. That way you can roll into bed and wallow in self pity the moment you get home. This look positively screams 'I'm strong and I'm proud, but also, very tender right now so please say nice things.'



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Also, it's a lot harder to see chip crumbs and chocolate smudges on bright colours than it is on black or white, so don't worry about all that stress eating you're doing.



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Good Quality Concealer

You're going to break out into hives and your adult acne will flare. It's just crippling stress, don't fight it.

Cover it all up with a good quality concealer. It's also great for covering up dark under-eye circles from all those sleepless nights you've been having. Win win!



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Clear Nail Polish

You want to look presentable and professional, this is a workplace after all. But avoid acrylic tips and shellac manicures, as this implies you have a disposable income and you'll be okay on your own -- not a good look for a redundancy meeting.

You want to look respectable and pitiful all at once. It's a difficult balance, but you got this, girlfriend.

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