Katy Perry's MasterChef Outfit Came With A Spicy Price Tag

Jaws were on the floor as superstar Katy Perry sauntered into the MasterChef kitchen last night.

Arriving as a guest judge to critique the aptly titled 'Hot N Cold' challenge, Katy was a fireball of energy and fun.

The popstar cradled her baby bump and danced around to each station, chatting to the contestants as they struggled to compose themselves in her presence (we see you, Reece).



'Literally Like A Goddess': Katy Perry Enters The MasterChef Kitchen, Reece Freaks Out

It's been a tough week for the MasterChef contestants, facing twist after twist, but a certain special guest sees them facing a whopper of a task.

All eyes were on her, and that phenomenal burnt-orange dress. The fitted leather midi-dress was designed by luxury Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, and it retails for a cheeky $6,670.

The wrap detailing on the front of the dress effortlessly accentuated Katy's pregnant belly. She and her actor fiance Orlando Bloom are expecting their first child towards the end of the year.

It's quite the dress. Image: Network 10/Bottega Veneta

The Bottega Veneta number was paired with a stylish pair of nude pumps and gold jewellery. Her platinum blonde hair was fashioned into a short and sharp bop.

Her stunning eye shadow complimented the dress, bouncing off shades of bronze and copper. Her makeup artist finished it all off with a flattering nude lip.

Work it, Katy! Image: Network 10.

Katy Perry has worn some crazy costumes in the past, but her baby bump has got to take the cake as her best fashion accessory yet.

Before isolation kicked off, the star had already worn some incredible outfits designed to accentuate her growing stomach.

In fact, the pandemic has robbed us all of what was set to be one of her best looks yet. Taking to Instagram, Katy revealed a work-in-progress snap of her Met Gala outfit -- a bodice with a stomach plate by Jean Paul Gaultier.



Katy Perry Reveals The Met Gala Outfit She Would've Worn And Wow We Missed Out

The coronavirus pandemic has robbed us all of pregnant Katy Perry in a cone bra -- and for that, we will never forgive it.

Katy Perry took on the judging panel like a pro, and looked phenomenal doing it.

The dishes were the tits, her outfit was the tits -- last night, it was tits all round in the MasterChef kitchen.

Featured Image: Network 10

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