Matching Bikinis And Face Masks Are A Thing And Oh Boy, Think Of The Tan Lines

The matching bikini and face mask set, dubbed the 'Trikini', is all the rage in Italy, darling.

The Trikini -- a swimming costume complete with a face mask made from the same fabric -- is the pandemic-friendly fashion essential taking Europe by storm.

It's the brainchild of Elexia Beachwear, a swimwear company based in Senigallia on Italy's Adriatic coast. And according to its designer, Tiziana Scaramuzzo, it was only meant to be a joke among family and friends.

The Project


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Scaramuzzo told Italian news site Centropagina that the unorthodox cozzie was created to lift the spirits of her workers after their peak season was completely wiped out by the catastrophic coronavirus situation in Italy.

Her daughter jokingly posed in the set for a series of photos later posted to social media. Then, the internet did what it does best -- spread those pics like wildfire.

The family's business was then inundated with genuine requests for the Trikini, proving once again that where there's bikini snaps, there's hype.

The mutli-coloured masks and cozzies come in a range of patterns and prints. The blue paisley and red and white floral have so far proved the most popular online.

For what it lacks in fabric, it makes up for utility. Despite starting out as a joke, the team behind the Trikini have stumbled upon a design that is really making waves in a part of the world that is among the hardest hit by the pandemic.



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Prior to the virus, we were debating whether 'underboob' or 'upside down bikinis' were to be the swimwear trend of the season. But this year, it's less about what we take off, and more about what we put on.

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