Katy Perry Reveals The Met Gala Outfit She Would've Worn And Wow We Missed Out

The coronavirus pandemic has robbed us all of pregnant Katy Perry in a cone bra -- and for that, we will never forgive it.

This year, the first Monday in May came and went as if it were any ordinary day in lockdown. The plug was pulled on the 2020 Met Gala months ago, and with that cancellation has come piles of unworn couture and unrealised potential.

The theme for this year's illustrious event was set to be 'About Time: Fashion and Duration'. Ironic it is that for all its emphasis on time and place, the theme fell on what has become an unforgettable year in recent history.

To commemorate what could have been, a number of stars are sharing small glimpses at their would-be outfits.

Katy Perry took to Instagram to give us a geez at her unfinished Jean Paul Gaultier costume. The look was destined to be a nod to Madonna and her iconic cone bra.

The corset structure was created to emphasise Katy's growing belly. She and fiancé Orlando Bloom revealed in March that they're expecting a baby, and the singer often takes to social media to give a fans a glimpse at her gorgeous baby bump.

Katy Perry is a mainstay at the Met Gala, she even co-chaired the event in 2017. She's notorious for taking the high fashion event and its after party as a chance to laugh and herself and the festivities.

Met Gala 2019


Katy Perry's Second Outfit Even More Outrageous Than Her First

Katy is serving up two incredible looks at tonight's Met Gala.

But by the looks of this year's preview, Katy was going for something tremendously meaningful. The emphasis on both the cone bra and the pregnant belly would suggest that her look paid homage to not only Madonnna the pop star, but also Madonna the mother of Jesus.

There's no doubt it would have been a heavenly ensemble, and we're disappointed it will never come to fruition.

Another star to mourn the Met was Julia Roberts. She shared a photo of herself wearing a magnificent tiered black-and-white gown while slumped over by the window of her bathroom.

Actress Amanda Seyfried took her elegant full-length gown on a walk through her chicken hutch. Dodging eggs is hardly as fabulous as walking up the steps of the met, but the chicks are just as cute.

Not only did a raft of A-listers miss out on the opportunity to flaunt their fashion, we mere mortals missed out on the chance to judge them for it, critiquing them freely all while dusting off the cookie crumbs from our tracky dacks.

Let's raise a quarantini to what could have been.

Featured Image: Getty/Instagram

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