From Gigi Hadid To Meghan Markle: Why Evil Eye Jewellery Is Trending With Celebs

'Evil eye' jewellery has been spotted on a number of Hollywood stars recently, and it's certainly no coincidence.

If a baby wasn't enough to bind Gigi Hadid, 25, and Zayn Malik, 27, together for life, their matching bracelets ought to do the trick.

The couple, believed to be 21 weeks pregnant, have debuted matching diamond-studded bracelets featuring a very significant 'evil eye' pendant.



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The bracelets were designed by George Khalife, a celebrity jeweller who has already crafted a number of bespoke pieces for the couple, including a necklace for Gigi that says 'Zayn' and another necklace with 'Hadid' written in Arabic.

In fact, the Middle Eastern connection is what makes their evil eye pieces so significant. Zayn is of English-Pakistani descent, and Gigi's father is Palestinian.

“I don’t know how exactly the evil eye came up, but I think I maybe mentioned it and she was like, ‘That’s so funny, we were just talking about pulling out some evil eyes,'” the jeweler told Page 6.

“We’re all Middle Eastern, so in our culture we believe they ward away jealousy and keep haters away. And you know everybody’s going to be talking about them -- all eyes on them,” continued Khalife.

And the young couple aren't the only A-listers with an affinity for the evil eye. For years now, Meghan Markle has worn the symbol on everything from necklaces to earrings at many of her public appearances and royal engagements.

During a recent Zoom call for Smart Works, a charity that aims to dress and coach unemployed women to help them secure jobs, Meghan Markle wore an evil eye necklace. And just like Zayn and Gigi, it wasn't just an aesthetic choice, she wore it for its significance.



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Meghan’s $250 necklace is from Edge of Ember, and its founder explained that the piece is thought to fight off negativity and bring protection to the person who is wearing it.

“The necklace bears a blue topaz evil eye to protect its wearer from negative energies,” Lynette Ong told People. “I wear mine every day, and it has certainly helped me translate negative energies into positive vibes.”

It's no surprise that Gigi and Meghan, celebrities who are notoriously often in the firing line of criticism, are opting for jewellery that is believed to have the ability to fight off condemnation and scrutiny.

It seems like everyone in the public eye could do with an evil eye.

Featured Image: Instagram

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