Woman's X-Rated Underboob Dress Fail Goes Viral

It's not uncommon to try on an online delivery only to find the piece of clothing your ordered doesn't quite fit.

But a UK woman got more than she bargained for when she ordered a body con dress with a cutout across the chest from store Pretty Little Thing.

Sharing the fail to Twitter, Amy Kerr posted a photo of the black $10 dress being worn by a model on their website whilst also sharing a photo of her in the dress.

The $10 looked completely different on the website. Image: PLT

Unfortunately the placement of the cutout meant that her entire chest was exposed while wearing the outfit.

“PLT dresses are smart like,” she captioned the photos.

Amy Kerr shared the X-rated fail to Twitter. Image: Twitter

Amy explained she even sized up in the dress but it still didn't fit her bust.

"I bought THREE SIZES UP from my usual because I know what they’re like," she wrote in reference to the brand's small sizing. 



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“Even before I had boobs this wouldn’t have covered my nipples. Their sizing is a shambles.”

In response to a commenter who suggested the top half of the dress would 'barely cover a five-year-old's chest', Amy shared a photo it on a child for 'comparison purposes'.

Kim Kenyon who recently received an order from the same website took the opportunity to share her failed attempt at ordering bikini bottoms.

However another fan of the brand said she purchased the same dress adding that she 'loves it'.

"I think mine was made wrong because the cut is SO high," Amy responded.

The post has since gone viral, gaining 95,000 likes and over 8,500 retweets.

"Welcome to the big boobie world," wrote one.

I've never ordered from PLT. Too many horror stories.

"PLT dresses are not made for women bigger than an A cup!" added another.

Jasmin from PLT responded to the viral tweet, writing: "We're so sorry to see this. Please drop us a DM so we can look into this for you."

But at least Amy had a sense of humour about the fail asking them for 'some free nipple covers to go with this dress'.

Featured image: Twitter 

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