Urban Outfitters Is Now Available In Australia And Say Goodbye To Annoying Conversions

If you're a fan of Joy Division t-shirts and spending $80 on a single mug, you'll be pleased to know that Urban Outfitters has finally launched an Australian online store.

For those of us who have spent many sleepless nights on currency conversion websites, the news that Urban Outfitters now has an Aussie branch is enough to bring tears to our eyes.

The international fashion and homewares retailer has always felt so close, yet so far for us Down Under folks.

Previously, if you wanted to order from the online store you'd have to account for hefty overseas shipping fees, US dollar conversions, and the additional tax that whacks you just as you reach the checkout.

But those days are behind us. We now have our very own online store, complete with AUD prices and a $15 standard shipping rate.

To sweeten the deal, Urban Outfitters are offering a 20 percent site-wide discount with your first order. Shipping is free if you spend over $80 -- and with Urban Outfitter's reputation, unless you're only buying reusable straws, you're going to be spending well over that.

In addition to to their fashion and beauty ranges for men and women, the new and improved online store also includes the brand's homewares range. Drowning your iso sorrows in ironic pillow cases is now only a click away.



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The retail giant is a heavy hitter internationally, with successful, multi-level stores all over Europe and the US. Finally, we too can frame our vinyl records and rock a whole lot of tie-dye.

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