The Tricks Meghan Markle Uses To Look Glowy AF On Her Zoom Calls

You know who is not suffering from iso skin? Meghan Markle.

And if she was, we wouldn't know it because the Duchess of Sussex looked flawless and glowy during a recent Zoom call.

While Meghan, 38, was coaching a woman before her job interview as part of a surprise to one of her charity's clients, we couldn't help but notice her impeccable makeup.

It's no easy feat because anyone who has taken a work call on Zoom knows the cameras are mighty unforgiving. So how did Meghan do it?

Meghan's makeup artist Ruby Hammer, who often does her makeup for occasions including for one of her first date's with Prince Harry, has shared all of her makeup secrets.

"Her face looks glowy and stress-free. It definitely looks like she’s done her own make-up, as you’d expect right now, but she knows what works for her," Ruby told  The Telegraph.

Ruby added that Meghan had clearly gone for a look that resembled the famous makeup look she wore on her wedding day.

But it's not just about what makeup is applied, with Ruby attributing Meghan's "clean living" with giving her "beautiful skin" which means she doesn't need to go for too much heavy coverage.

As such Ruby suggested Meghan probably used a tinted moisturiser and more heavy concealer under her eyes, being light enough so you can "still see her freckles" and not being "too made up."

To "avoid looking washed out" Meghan also likely applied "a healthy bit of blush" in an upwards and outwards motion high on her cheek bones.

Meghan has a glow on the tops of her cheeks but she doesn't look too shiny.
Glowy perfection. Image: Instagram

"Meghan’s eyes look really awake and alert, which is in part down to the brows and also the fact that Meghan has two or three layers of mascara on," she added, noting that Meghan had brushed her brows up and filled them in.

Another trick Meghan likely used was applying translucent powder but only where she needs it, not all over her face which allowed her to keep the glow where light would naturally hit her face.

Ruby said doing this is "the quickest way to look polished and professional" explaining it was likely applied between her brows, the sides of her nose, the top of her cheeks and chin.



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Meghan then finished off her look with a "balmy lipstick or juicy lip-gloss" that would be easy to re-apply if needed.

Aside from her makeup, Meghan also styled her hair perfectly for the zoom call in a half up, half down style with a centre part. It's a great style when your hair just isn't doing what you want it to and suits a variety of different hair types.

Meghan took the call from her home in Los Angeles while working with Smart Works as they moved to virtual services a month and a half ago after the UK went into lockdown.

Featured image: Instagram

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