How To Do Your Own Eyebrows In Isolation Without Destroying Them

Celebrity brow expert Amy Jean is here to help you pluck up the courage and tame your eyebrows at home.

Social distancing is really taking its toll on the beauty conscious folks of Australia. Our roots are greying, our nails are chipping, and oh boy, don't even get us started on our 'iso acne'!

With our appointments on hold, we're all sitting back and watching ourselves melt into fuzzy, flakey messes. But thankfully, there are small things we can do to uphold our beauty routines from home.

Isolation has turned us all into reversed before and after shots. Image: 'Princess Diaries'

According to Amy Jean, one of Australia's leading brow experts, you can achieve great results from home. But you do need to be clever about it.

The brow specialist -- who counts Naomi Campbell, Dannii Minogue and Deltra Goodrem among her many celebrity clients -- offers up her tips and tricks for keeping your brows in good nick while in isolation.

"I don’t recommend tweezing one or two brow hairs each day," Amy Jean told 10 daily.

Wait and choose a set day every two-three weeks. That way the cycle of growth is consistent, and the new hairs will emerge at the same rate.

Amy Jean insists that a good at-home kit is what's going to get you through the next few months. Our lives may be a mess right now, but our eyebrows don't need to be.

"Tweezers are life support right now!" she said. But if you've not got much growth, all you really need are: "an angle brush, spoolie, defining pencil and 3D brow gel."

Now's really not the time to get experimental, and it's best to work towards maintaining the shape you've achieved with your own brow artist before isolation.

But Amy Jean does offer some guidance when it comes to finding your ideal shape.

"Generally speaking, a fuller brow with a subtle arch on the tail is a good all rounder," she said. 

However, if you have an elongated or oval face you should never wear a high arch as this shape will only accentuate the length of your face.A straighter brow will work well here.

"Similarly , if you have a rounder, fuller face, never wear a straight brow, as it will only widen the face further."



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If you thought self isolation was going to give you gloriously fresh skin, you wouldn't be the only one.

To make sure you're on the right track, some Australian salons are now offering virtual consultations. Amy Jean Brow Agency is one of them, having set up online consults to guide their clients through the at-home process, and teach them how to best use their DIY tinting kits.

If you're looking for a short and sharp guide to perfect at-home brows, Amy Jean has got you covered. Here is your step by step guide for fabulous brows:

Amy Jean's guide to iso-brows:

  1. Wash you face with a hot face washer (this opens the pores).
  2. Brush the brows straight up towards your hairline using a clear brow gel (this ensures there are no hairs hanging down the brow bone when tweezing).
  3. Take a sharp brow pencil and sketch a strong line along the base of your brows then softly fill in the remainder of your desired shape.
  4. Tweeze outside of the outline you have just sketched. Underneath, above and down the centre. 
  5. Use the clear brow gel (again) to comb and set the brows in an upward and outward direction.

Hot tip:

When filling in the brows, always ensure the starts of your brows are 50 percent lighter than the remainder of your brow.

If you use one solid colour to pencil in your brows, grab a foundation brush and use the excess on it from your last application to blot out the beginning of of your brows. The colour should never be harsh at the starts.

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