How Zoë Foster Blake Proofs Her Eyes From 'Corona Crying' While Working From Home

Take it from Zoë Foster Blake, this skincare routine will help you tackle whatever beauty woes are thrown your way while working from home.

The Foster Blakes have long been a beacon of joy for the Australian public. And lately, among all this chaos, their light has shone even brighter.

First, Hamish Blake left us in stitches when he established the Pasta Popularity Hierarchy after panic buyers ravaged his local supermarket.



Hamish Blake Points Out The One Type Of Pasta Not Even Panic Buyers Want

The beloved Aussie comedian took to Instagram to introduce his fans to a vital new system -- the 'Pasta Popularity Hierarchy'. 

Then came a "therious" message from the couple's adorable two-year-old daughter Rudy, who ordered Australians to "thtay home."

The clip went viral in minutes, proving that sometimes a lisping toddler can deliver an order far more effectively than any politician.

Now, Zoë Foster Blake is offering her own advice to those braving through social distancing and working from home. The skincare mogul has shared her latest beauty routine, and yep, it accounts for all that "coronavirus crying" you've been doing.

As an author and founder of skincare company Go-To, Zoë has been working from home for ten years now. She explains that while makeup isn't completely necessary, it is important that you uphold a regimented skincare routine.

She begins her routine by applying a number of skincare products. But it's her eye makeup routine that has really seen the biggest shift lately.

The mum-of-two admits that she's been doing a fair bit of what she calls "corona crying." And she says that her makeup has changed entirely because of it.

This is the state of the times, but I find that I have had one or two cries through the day at the moment.

"And look, most of them are from happy cries. Like I'm watching a video about people being kind or beautiful universally... heartwarming clips from people doing funny things or looking after our healthcare workers."



The Beauty Hack That Will Salvage Your Outgrown Isolation Nails

As our legs get fluffier and our roots grow grey, we give our last slither of hope to the beauty hacks we can do from home.

"And so I have gone back to tubular mascara because I don't want panda eyes from corona crying."

Those in the know will tell you that a tubular mascara is quite the contentious choice. The ink seals around each lash to create a thick black 'tube' of sorts.

It can be much more difficult to remove than mascaras that melt into liquid. But it is also a better option for those wanting something waterproof, just like Zoë and her happy tears.

She also said that she's stopped getting lash lifts and extensions and instead has been using a lash growth serum, which has come at the right time given that the government shutdown means that most of these services aren't operating at present.



'It's Impossible': Hairdressers Choose To Stay Closed Despite Backflip On 30-Minute Rule

This morning, Scott Morrison announced he was lifting the 30-minute appointment rule he imposed on hairdressers and barbers on Tuesday night in response to the spread of coronavirus.

"It's sadder still for all the brow technicians and hairdressers and nail artists and the many, many women and men in the beauty industry, in all industries, who cannot work right now or have lost their jobs," she said.

The business owner recommends a number of ways we can support those in the beauty and wellness community who have been hit hardest by the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

"We as the customer have to support these guys by buying gift vouchers and booking in our appointments in advance as far ahead as we can and try and hold them, hopefully," she said.

To keep our friends in business and support small business and local business wherever we can.

Zoë jokes that she's mostly been supporting small business 'with her stomach', but now wants to throw her love behind her fellow beauty industry workers.

Featured Image: Instagram

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