'Utilise Your Surroundings': Shonee Spills Her Island Skincare And Beauty Secrets

Australian Survivor All Stars evictee and all-round queen, Shonee Fairfax, dishes the dirt on her genius island skincare routine.

The London-based personal assistant is notorious for two things -- her cunningly disarming social game, and her iconic red dress. Together, they helped her put up an incredible fight.

"I definitely think my chatting about skincare, my red dress, my hair clip throws everyone off the scent," she told 10 daily.

I don’t look like I’m going to be good at the game, but I think I’m amazing.

Shonee's certainly not your typical All Star, and that's exactly what made her such a fascinating player. She mightn't own any Olympic medals, but boy, does she have quite the collection of cat eye sunglasses.

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The fan-favourite was as tenacious in the trials as she was in upholding her strict skincare routine, even while cast away on a remote island.

"Skincare on the island is quite bleak," she laughed. "But you’ve just gotta utilise your surroundings." 

The Noosa native's island routine proves she is the MacGyver of the beauty world.

I start my morning with a really fine grained sand because I don’t want to get micro-tears. And I do a really gentle facial scrub just to get rid of all the dirt.

"Then I actually use water from my water bottle from the well to do a fresh water rinse just to get off that salt water --don’t want that crusting up your pores!"

Image: Network 10.

Shonee's knowledge about skincare and beauty is downright encyclopedic, so it's little surprised she managed to rustle up an effective routine out of nothing but sand, mud and water.

I’m so obsessed with skincare. I actually fall asleep most nights listening to ingredient lists and YouTubers talk about skincare.

She's all about active ingredients, and jokes that after discovering the powers of retinol, she's practically aging backwards.

"I’ll be like Benjamin Button," she said, before warning that while extremely active skincare products like retinol can be magic, they can also be a too advanced for beginnings.

This is the kind of advice you'll find all over Shonee's Instagram. She often shares beauty routine videos and outfit posts with her 35 thousand plus followers, and her fans are living for the #shontent.

Every 'Survivor' contestant has fans, doubly so for the All Stars. But Shonee? She has more than fans, she has downright stans.

"I think I have such a cult following because I am a normal, everyday person," she said.

"People look at me and they think, 'oh my God if Shonee can hold up that block for two hours, Shonee can doggy paddle for all those hours, Shonee can do all these things...'

"I think it gives them hope for what they are capable of as well. People look at me and think 'that's what I'd be like on 'Survivor''."

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Shonee Fairfax has become the first member of Kalo Kalo to nab a coveted individual immunity necklace by using her unique skill set.

Shonee may be able to spend hours holding up a box, but you certainly can't place her inside one. She's knows that strength can take many forms, and she's out to prove that for the "girly girls" of the world.

"You don’t have to be just one thing!" she said.

"I am into fashion, I’m obviously obsessed with skincare. But then I can also doggy paddle for two hours -- I'm a girl that can do both!"

Featured Image: Instagram

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