Turns Out You Can Use Micellar Water To Wash Your Hair

It only takes a brief walk down your local supermarket beauty aisle to know you can pretty much buy a specific product for just about anything.

As a result, your bathroom is probably overflowing with different beauty items for your face, hair and everything in between.

That's why when a product can multitask, it can feel like a tiny blessing. It's often saving your bank account by being able to purchase one, not two, different things and it also saves space.

And as it turns out, according to celebrity hair stylist, Daniel Koye, most products we put on our faces can be used on our heads too.

"If it’s safe for your face, it’s good for your hair," Koye, who has worked behind the scenes of films, television and theatre productions told 10 daily.

One of his favourite tricks is using micellar water in hair. Yes, the exact stuff you pour into a cotton pad and use to remove your mascara at night.

Most recently, Koye was working on the set of NBC's 'Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector' when an actor's hair was going through a lot during filming.

"With multiple styling sessions, large volumes of product build up and exposure to styling tools being a continuous part of their day, sometimes their hair is in need of a bit of TLC," he said.

"Micellar water will gently clean the hair and leave it feeling soft and replenished, ready for another big day of styling."

Here's everything you need to know about putting micellar water in your hair at home:

How does it work?

Micellar water is made up of tiny cleaning ingredients, called micelles.

"These small particles go into the shaft of the hair and gently draw out dirt and excess oils," Koye explained.

Which hair types is it suitable for?

Koye said this is a good option for those of us who have fine or oily hair, as it will draw out dirt and excess oils.

"It’s a great choice for those who find themselves washing their hair multiple times a week, or even every day," he said.

"This is also great if you have a vivid hair colour and you’re wanting something new or going for a touch up, this will help extract that colour and give your stylist a great healthy canvas to work on hair."

What are the benefits?

According to Koye, our hair can take a lot (we're talking brushing, colouring, styling) until one day, it just can't anymore. That's its important to tailor your hair care to your hair type.

"Micellar water is gentle enough for daily use, this is extremely helpful when at the end of a long filming day, the actor has stage blood in their hair and needs a safe way to get it out -- especially blonde hair," he said.

With micellar water, I’m not risking the talent’s hair and causing more damage by over washing with a product that is harsh and stripping, but instead sending them home with healthier hair than when they came to us.

While most of us aren't walking around with stage blood in our hair, it does apply if you're using a lot of styling products in your hair, such as hairspray, and you want to give your locks a 'reset'.

Another important point to add is micellar water generally isn't cheap, so you might not want to go using a whole bottle of the stuff on your head. But if you're in a bind or you're on holiday and forgot your shampoo, it's a clever hack to keep up your sleeve.

You might never have thought about using micellar water in your hair before, but it's actually quite common for skincare products to typically be the first thing formulators start with when it comes to hair care products.

Koye said the reason for this is because as our skin is one of the most sensitive and exposed areas of our body, the products created for it are often made to be gentle and not disrupt the necessary oils and therefore, act as a good base for hair care products.

"These traits are very beneficial to the products we should be using in our hair," he said.

Other skincare techniques which apply to hair care

Double cleansing

Just like double cleansing your face is good for certain skin types, the same can be applied to your hair when it comes to shampooing.

"I’ll often choose to shampoo a talent's hair twice over, especially if they have relatively thick or long hair," Koye said.

"It’s the best way to guarantee a thorough wash and a blank canvas for styling."

A lot of skincare products can actually be used for your hair. Image: Getty


Koye considers serums for the face as having a similar purpose to oils for the hair.

"As far as serum is concerned, a hair oil is a great way to provide extra nutrients and I often find myself using it on set backstage to discourage frizz and increase shine," he said.

Face masks

Alternatively a face mask is much like a conditioner.

"Similar to face mask, deep conditioners, work as an intensive source of hydration and nourishment for the hair, perfect for damaged and overworked hair," Koye said.



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If you haven't thought about the health of your scalp as much as what the skin on your face looks like, Koye said you're not the only one and it's a classic case of out of sight, out of mind.

"If you can’t see signs of an unhealthy scalp it’s not as easy to make it a priority. But good scalp health is crucial, not only for your hair but for general comfort," he said.

"Eventually, you will see the effects of poor scalp maintenance in the growth, appearance and health of your hair."

But if you're still too scared to use your regular micellar water in your hair, Koye recommends trying HASK’s Micellar Water & Lotus Anti-Residue Shampoo and Conditioner, which are specific formulations designed for use in your hair.

Koye said we need to be choosing products that target our scalp, but that aren't too harsh at the same time, as stripping necessary oils will only further dry out the surface.

"You should be able to brush your hair and safely bring those natural oils down the shaft and make the hair look and feel amazing," he said.

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