Dyson's New Corrale Hair Straightener Launched Today -- I Tried It To See If It's Worth The Hype

The moment I had the Dyson Corrale in my hot little hands, I knew my hair game had been changed for good.

It takes a lot to get me excited about a vacuum. It takes even more to get me giddy over a hair dryer or a humidifier. But there's something about the word 'Dyson' that gets my attention in an instant.

The UK-based tech company is renowned for developing products completely unlike anything else on the market. Put simply, their reputation -- just like their price tags -- is super, mega, crazy high.



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Dyson moved into the beauty space in 2016 with the release of the Supersonic -- a lightweight, powerful, and quiet hair-dryer that swept professional salons and home ensuites alike.

Then came the Airwrap Styler later the same year, a hair curler that spins your strands around the barrel using nothing but air -- no twisting fingers required. It was tech like we'd never seen it before, and truly a sight to behold.

Abbey Lenton. Image: Supplied

Knowing their latest product was on it's way, I began guessing where they could possibly take it from there. A machine that whacks my noggin with a full face of makeup in one keen swipe? A device that shaves my legs while I sleep?

To my surprise, Dyson's latest innovation isn't quite as unfathomable as I expected. But it is just as special.

This morning, Dyson publicly launched their latest hair tool. It's called the Dyson Corrale, and believe me, it's far from your average hair straightener. Because lucky little me had the chance to try the $699 device prior to its launch.

Dyson's Brand New Corrale Hair Straightener. Image: Supplied

Returning to basics, Dyson wanted to reinvent the tool that so many of us pick up every single day. Their hair straightener is understated and effective and has been in development for seven long years.

The team went above and beyond to finesse every little thing about this product. But these are the standout features that impressed me most:

The Flexing Plates

This is it, this is the big one. The flexing plate technology is what really makes this straightener stand out. The "manganese copper alloy plate" subtly bends, responding to the hair.

As a thick-haired gal, I know too well when my hair is clamped down in a straighter, it splays out, especially as the plates move further down the strand and towards the split ends I may or may not have (guilty).

The flexi plates enclose (or ~corral~) the hair, allowing the tool to glide down the strands, distributing heat evenly. Personally, I found because my hair couldn't fray within the flexi plates, it gave my locks are shiny, sleek finish.

It's Cordless

Dyson's Corrale Hair Straightener is completely cordless. Image: Supplied

This is a feature I didn't even realise I wanted until it was right there in front of me, and now I don't know how I'm going to go back.

The Corrale is battery operated, and thus, completely without a cord. This is obviously convenient for straightening, but it's gosh darn life-changing for curling. With a little bit of practice, you'll be zooming that thing around your scalp like a lightsaber.

The trade-off with a cord-free device is the need to charge it. Placing it on charge for 70 minutes will give you at the very least 30 minutes of cord-free styling -- which is actually a fair few sessions when you think about it.

Due to the four-cell Lithium-ion battery, you'll need to take it with you in your carry-on luggage while flying. There's a handy little flight mode button as well.

Heat Control

If you're anything like I am, anxiety strikes you at all hours of the day or night. There's a voice booming in your head, horrified that you forgot to turn your straightener off and now your flat has burned down.

Heat control isn't a fun feature anymore, it's an absolute non-negotiable. The Dyson Corrale automatically turns itself off when not in use. And my paranoia is eternally grateful.

The straightener has three precise heat settings, 165°C, 185°C, and 210°C. A stylist recommended I needn't go higher than the middle, despite my thick locks. It also heats up super quick -- I'm talking five seconds quick.

It has three different heat settings. Image: Supplied

The verdict?

To put it straight, this is a bloody brilliant piece of technology. But $699 is quite the commitment. If you are a stylist or hair enthusiast, the cord-less and flexi plate technology makes it a must-have.

If you're a regular Aussie after a lovely 'do, the price makes this a hard pill to swallow. The product is unlike anything else available, however, and doubles as a curler more effectively than any other straightener out there.

It's also extraordinarily durable, so it will be a long, long time before you ever need to buy another hair tool.

In my experience, the Dyson Corrale made my hair glossier and more voluminous than I've ever seen it before. It's worth every penny, but only if you have these pennies ready to spare.

Where and when can I get it?

The Dyson Corrale is available on their website and in the Dyson Demo Store in Sydney's QVB from April 24. From May 1, you can grab it from David Jones, Myer, Sephora and

Your best hair yet awaits you. So go forth and conquer, my friend.

Featured image: Supplied

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