The Hidden Colour Psychology Behind Meghan Markle's Last Three Royal Looks Ever

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have wrapped up their royal duties with a succession of stellar outfits -- but what are they trying to tell us?

Every time a member of the royal family steps beyond the palace walls, you can be certain what they're wearing is coded with dozens of little messages.

93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II looks sprightly and alert in bright colours. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge has an air of attainability to her when she wears her $150 espadrilles.

There is true intention behind each and every sartorial choice. And boy, does Meghan Markle know it.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have spent the last few days in the United Kingdom attending their final engagements as working members of the royal family.

Meghan Markle in her first public appearance since her decision to step back as a working member of the royal family. Image: Getty

The couple have been joined at the hip, spending their final three public appearances with arms interlocked and smiles unflinching. They've also been cleverly utilising fashion to present a united front.

Last week at the Endeavour Fund Awards in London, Markle's bright blue Victoria Beckham dress was complemented by Prince Harry's navy blue suit and tie.



Meghan And Harry Reportedly Booed During First UK Appearance Together

The reaction was mixed as Meghan Markle made her first official public appearance since she and her husband announced they'd be stepping down as senior royals.

Following this, Prince Harry wore his dress uniform to the Mountbatten Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall. In that very same shade of red, Markle wore a Safiyaa cape dress.

Prince Harry and Meghan Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex attend The Mountbatten Festival of Music. Image: Sipa USA

Finally -- and what feels like most intentionally -- Markle wore an emerald green cape dress by New Zealand-born fashion designer, Emilia Wickstead, to Commonwealth Day.

At first, it appeared that she and Prince Harry weren't matching at all, with him in a muted blue suit.

But one gust of wind revealed his jacket was lined with the exact shade of green Markle was dressed head-to-toe in -- perhaps a hint that despite what we see and speculate, underneath it all, that Prince Harry supports his wife.

Image: Getty

The couple and their team of stylists have cleverly used fashion and colours in order to show solidarity between Markle and Prince Harry.

There's also a lot to be said about the impact of Markle's last three colourful looks and the hidden meaning behind them:


Image: Getty

According to the website 'Color Psychology', human beings often associate the colour blue with trust and dependability.

Markle's appearance at the Endeavour Fund Awards marked the first time the British public saw her out in public since the pair's shock announcement.

Opting for a familiar, dependable colour may have been an attempt to reintroduce the Duchess to the public without projecting too much confidence or harshness.


Image: Getty

Australian psychology expert, Karen Haller, is a leading authority in colour theory. She explains that the colour red in Western cultures evokes notions of love and romance, while in China, it symbolises good luck and prosperity.

Matching in red at the Mountbatten Festival of Music, the couple's stylists may have wanted to reinforce their love story, while also making a nod towards their desire for financial independence.


Image: Getty

Markle's green gown and matching hat was the boldest of her three looks, and the last. The cape dress doused her frame in the emerald hue, and was subtly picked up by the lining of Prince Harry's suit.

Green commonly symbolises rejuvenation and growth, particularly the leaf-like shade of Markle's outfit. It also notoriously alludes to jealous and ambition, as per the saying 'green with envy'.

Markle's made her final appearance as a working royal covered in a colour as complicated and rich as her own royal experience. A fitting end to her final chapter as an official working member of the royal family.

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