Brides, Guard Your Boobs: Bella Hadid Wore A Wedding Dress With A See-Through Chest Panel

Please tell me this doesn't mean brides need to get their boobs out? Warning: NSFW.

Model Bella Hadid has worn some questionable items down the runway -- all in the name of fashion. But her latest might just make brides-to be-want to hide under a pile of tulle and never come out.

You see, while walking in a fashion show for designer Vivienne Westwood during Paris Fashion Week, Hadid wore a highly detailed floor length wedding gown which featured a sheer panel across the front, exposing her entire chest.

The design was cinched in at the waist with a brown belt and Hadid carried a sword, yes a sword, attached to it. But you'd be forgiven for not noticing because the sheer lace is quite distracting.

I mean, look:

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And here's a close up:

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Look, you get the idea.

You know you're making a statement when you're walking in the incredible halls of Hotel de Ville and all anyone can look at is... your chest.

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Hadid shared her experience of wearing the dress down the runway, thanking Westwood as well as Andreas Kronthaler, her husband, who is also an Austrian creative director and her design partner.

"Thank you for this moment, my forever respect and love to the both of you radical human beings," the 23-year-old.



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"I get so excited every season to watch you work, dagger instead of flowers, my kind of wedding dress."

“OH TO BE YOUNG!!! Never stop showing them NEVERRRRRRRR,” model Chrissy Teigen joked in response to her series of photos.

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Yet the gown worn by Hadid isn't the only one to make almost bare breasts its centerpiece. The Theia Rose Lace gown, another design from Westwood, also features sheer lace across the chest.

"The Theia Rose Lace is a modern interpretation of the traditional bridal gown, the clean strapless neckline and the two-tier trapeze angular shape create a statuesque silhouette, contrasted with a romantic ivory lace scallop hem detail," the Vivienne Westwood website read.

"The grand pleated high train adds structured drama to the look, with a minimalist feel."

Image: Vivienne Westwood

Now look, I am yet to see a real life bride who has worn one of these sheer topped wedding gowns. And honestly, as someone who is engaged and wishes to speak on behalf of all brides-to-be, everywhere, I hope it stays that way.

We have enough to worry about without contemplating whether or not it's suitable to flash your entire immediate family on your wedding day while you're walking down the aisle.



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Help us, Carrie Bradshaw. Image: Getty

So while Vivienne Westwood and her wedding dresses might be coming for brides and their boobs, we hope they stay firmly planted on the runway, for everyone's sake.

But mostly for mine.

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