Ugg Boots Are In: Kanye West Is Being Roasted For His New Yeezy Shoes

In great news for bogans everywhere, Kanye West's latest footwear collection features some hilariously familiar styles.

The rapper-turned-designer debuted his brand's latest collection at Paris Fashion Week on Monday.

The highly-anticipated Yeezy season eight fashion show flaunted a number of the brand's signature styles, like earthy tones, textural fabrics, and street silhouettes.

What it also included was a range of shoes so bulky and so fuzzy, they can only be described as high fashion uggs.



North West Makes Her Rap Debut at Kanye West's Yeezy Paris Fashion Week Show

It looks like North West is following in her dad Kanye West's Yeezy-clad footsteps!

Plush boots with solid soles waltzed their way down the catwalk in a number of suspiciously Australiana colours, like sandy beige and earthy browns.

Who would have thought the shades synonymous with Yeezy's go-to palette are the very same colours you'll spot at caravan site toilet block cues across the country?

It's fair to say that Twitter was pretty displeased with the shoes, calling them "hotel slippers," or simply asking, "what are thooooose?"

And the ugg boots were only the very beginning, it was the slides and the "dinosaur boots" that really had the internet in fits of laughter.

Laugh all you like, but one Twitter user knows that no matter how ridiculous they seem now, in good time we will all be desperate for a pair of our own.

The ready-to-wear collection is not available for the public to purchase just yet, but given that previous Yeezy slides came in around the $700 mark, we can only assume looking Bogan Vogue will come with a hefty price tag.

Featured Image: Instagram

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