Upside Down Bikinis Are A Trend And We Have A Serious Question

If you've ever been through the hell that is shopping for a swimming costume, you'd know that finding one that fits correctly is not easy.

Which is why we can't quite understand why women are choosing to wear the bikini tops upside down.

No, it's not a mistake being made in an effort to get to the beach faster.

Yes, women are definitely doing this on purpose, despite the fact we we simply can't figure out how it would work in reality:

Our biggest question aside from the logistics is why? Please tell us, why, why?

You see, bikini tops, especially those that come in the form of triangles, such as that worn by Tammy Hembrow, are notoriously difficult to keep in place. All it takes is one rogue wave in the ocean and your boob is hanging out the side, or underneath your bikini top.

Just looking at that photo makes me fear they're going to slip out of the bottom. The string band at the back of a bikini is specifically there to support your underboob.

With this gone? We can't understand how on Earth they are staying in place. And neither can Tammy's followers.



Rita Ora Doesn't Care What Anyone Has To Say About Her 'Child-Like' Bikinis

Rita Ora has done it again.

"Why the f*ck does she have the bathing suit top upside down for?" one woman asked.

"Maybe cause I feel like it?" Tammy responded, adding 'lmao', yet the comments continued.

"I was completely confused for a second -- was not aware that this is what people are doing now? I don’t follow..." another added.

However Tammy isn't the first to do it, with a number of women sharing their photos trying the trend out themselves on Instagram.

Others have tried another spin on it, by turning the bikini sideways from the centre and tying the strings around the sides to make a strapless bikini with more cleavage in the middle of the chest.


We still can't quite understand how they're staying in place, whichever way they're placed, but we're in awe all the same.

Featured image: Instagram

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