You Can Finally Throw Your White Sneakers In The Washing Machine Without Destroying Them

From sneaker enthusiasts to multitasking mums, we all know the woes of keeping our shoes in good nick.

There's nothing more satisfying (and terrifying) than putting on a crisp white pair of sneakers for the very first time. The unstained laces, the unscuffed tip... we wish they could stay that way forever.

But sadly, a well-kept sneaker is the stuff of fairy tales. Because the moment we wear them out in the real world, there's really no going back from all that grime and dirt.

However, there is one clever laundry innovation that will almost return sneakers and school shoes to their original glory. It's called the 'Teletrogy Laundry Shoe Wash Bag', and it's the strangest-looking washing bag out there.

Image: Amazon

Until now, shoes and washing machines have been each other's arch enemies. Those of us who are particularly determined know to put them in with a soft load like towels and sheets, but then you run the risk of muddying those for good.

The bags, however, keep everything contained and can be thrown in any load of washing. Inside the cylindrical bag is 10000+ fluffy fibres that buff your shoes without letting them bang about in the machine.

The product's description on Amazon claims that the fibres give the shoes a "thorough massage" in order to achieve a deeper clean. And with that sentence alone, I now very much wish I was a pair of sneakers.

Image: Amazon

The bags cost $57.95 each, which is a hefty price to pay for a laundry accessory. But if it means keeping sneakers in good condition for as long as possible.

Laundry can feel like an endless burden, even with nifty new inventions like the Teletrogy shoe bag. But there are a number of easier hacks and tips you can try to keep your clothes lasting long and looking good.



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Here are some laundry hacks you can try using things from your own cupboard:

  • To unshrink clothing, place them in a tub of lukewarm water mixed with baby shampoo or regular conditioner.
  • Sprinkle baby powder directly onto oil stains and let it soak overnight.
  • If you want to uncrinkle clothing, place them in a dryer with ice cubes for 15 minute. The steam eases out the wrinkles.
  • Boil sliced lemons in a pot of boiling water, then turn off the heat and soak your whites in the pot for an hour, keeping the lemons in.
  • Wash your machine between loads with baking soda and vinegar.

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