This Morning, Sarah Harris Narrowly Avoided A Wardrobe Disaster

The Studio 10 panelist doused her dress in coffee, but with the help of TV magic and backstage tricks, viewers were none the wiser.

Sarah Harris took to Instagram this morning to document the site of the catastrophe.

Standing in activewear with a frown on her face, the journalist held up what would be today's outfit. Beside it? A big ol' puddle of dropped coffee.

"Sad face. Ruined dress. dropped coffee," she wrote on the pic posted to her Instagram story.

A coffee stain during the morning rush is something we can all relate to. But fortunately for Sarah, and not so fortunately for us non-TV folk, a team of stylists were on hand to save the day.

Image: Instagram

"I bounded into work before six this morning, ready to have a great day," Sarah told 10 daily.

"But then as I turned around, I had only just taken one quick sip of my super large extra strong skim cappuccino, and it dropped eeeverywhere."

The dress Sarah planned on wearing today was a bright orange number from Witchery. Luckily, the Network 10 wardrobe team were there to whip out another lovely frock in a matter of seconds.

"We've got this great team that are ready with their little bags to nip and tuck and sew and staple and pin and primp and preen us. So we are very lucky."

According to Sarah, the wardrobe department is a veritable wonderland for those who love fashion and beauty.

We have like a whole secret magic closet full of clothes that are pressed and styled and ready to go. Everything from our shoes to our earrings to our underwear is set out for the day.

"We feel like children but they just make us look glamorous. Otherwise I'd be in activewear on the tele," she laughed.

The coffee mishap was intercepted before Sarah had to go on air. But that hasn't always been the case.

Look I've had a few wardrobe shockers. I once wore my dress back to front on air. I didn't realise until I kept itching my neck and found it was my tag.

And it's not just replacement dresses and quick changes. The styling team has a number of nifty tricks up their sleeves to keep the panelists looking their very best.

"We have a very very clever team of stylists on hand to wipe us down with wet wipes and makeup wipes. To quickly put stitches into things. To stick chicken fillets into bras that don't quite fit."

I often need a couple of chicken fillets in each cup because my cup does not runneth over.

"Joe Hildebrand, God he rocks up in ripped jeans and band t-shirts. They actually make him look very very presentable each day -- it's a minor miracle."

Annaleise Smith from 10's wardrobe, hair and makeup team insists that despite the early starts, backstage typically runs like a well-oiled machine.

But there is the odd calamity. Annaleise told 10 daily that, "in those circumstances, we'll double up. So do hair and makeup at the same time and get two artists on the same person."

In super crazy times, we'll have three artists on one person.

The styling team know a thing or two about celebrity glamour. But there are also a number of television tricks they've learned that can easily be adopted for anybody's everyday makeup routine.

"For Studio 10, they're on air for three and a half hours. Through that time they're eating, they're livin' life, they're working -- so we do lots of things to make them look fresh and like themselves, but also have that longevity.

Annaleise said it's all about good products that aren't going to budge. "Often it's product-based. It's all about what lasts longest," she said.



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Sadly, we can't all have an expert team of stylists help us through our morning routines. But unlike Sarah, we don't all have to look television-ready by 8:30am either.

With a new dress and a killer backstage team, Sarah was ready to go for the show. And viewers had no clue of the chaos that went down only moments before the show.

But after all that, did poor Sarah Harris finally get her coffee?

"Yeeessss thank God!," she said. "Because it's Wednesday -- and Wednesdays are bad days -- I was fully caffeinated and ready to go for the show."

Featured Image: Studio 10

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