Rita Ora Doesn't Care What Anyone Has To Say About Her 'Child-Like' Bikinis

Rita Ora has done it again.

The singer who is currently in LA, shared a photo of herself enjoying the sun in her bikini to her Instagram account.

"Enjoy your life. Please. Protect your heart and be proud of YOU," the 28-year-old caption the image of herself while displaying some underboob. 

Many of Ora's fans commented on the photo, labelling her as 'body goals'.

"The body on you is unreal," one commenter wrote.

"You are absolutely stunning and you are on hot," added another.

However others pointed out the size of Ora's bikinis, with some stating it 'looks a bit small' while another said: 'Get a bikini top that fits.'



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Yet Ora clearly isn't concerned by the comments as this isn't the first time the singer has received attention for her bikinis being 'too small'.

In August last year, Ora shared a series of photos while on a yacht in Ibiza, Spain, that attracted similar suggestions about her under-boob.



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“Your bikinis never fit you,” one follower wrote on the series of holiday photos.

“I think your swimming suit is a bit too small for you maybe you should go and buy one in the adult section instead of child," another added.

One even suggesting she purchased her cozzies from Mothercare, a brand available in the UK that sells baby clothes.

But Ora has been wearing her bikinis this way for a considerable length of time and her mother, Vera, previously said she'd have to agree to disagree with her daughter when it comes to her choice to wear tiny bikinis.

"I just feel as a mother of two girls I feel for all other mothers with young beautiful girls that are exploring their beauty and style in [a] different way," Vera previously wrote on Instagram.

To avoid disagreement about their looks, appearance and behaviour the best is to talk to them calmly (easier said then done), gently give advice, support them, appreciate their youth and protect their beauty/brains!

Vera said being 'open' with her daughters improves their trust and relationship but noted when it comes to their clothing choices, it is 'a battle you can't win'.

"So celebrate it together instead," she said.

So when it comes to Ora's teeny tiny bikinis, it doesn't look like they're going anywhere anytime soon.

Featured image: Instagram