Forget Bumless Dresses, Lizzo's Red Carpet Outfit Is The Latest To Break The Internet

The 'Good as Hell' singer certainly knows how to turn heads on the red carpet.

Whether it's a tiny handbag or an enormous faux fur shawl, Lizzo's accessory game is unparalleled.

Now the superstar has done it again -- arriving at the 2020 Brit Awards wearing head-to-toe chocolate, debuting what has to be her most playful look yet.

Because why bring the chocolate, when you can be the chocolate?



Lizzo Has Swapped The Tiny Handbag For An Even More Bonkers Arm Accessory

Stuff the Grammys, Lizzo's enormous red carpet accessory deserves an award of its own.

Lizzo arrived at the O2 arena in London in an asymmetrical gown from luxury fashion house Moschino. The silhouette is stunning, but its the print that really has people talking.

The hazelnut-coloured dress is designed in the likeness of a Hershey's chocolate wrapper, complete with a giant barcode, a $0.25 price, and the words "MILK CHOCOLATE" stamped across it.

To really drive the reference home, Lizzo paired the gown with a crystal encrusted clutch that looks like an unwrapped chocolate bar. Written on the clutch is "100%," alluding to the chocolate's famous cocoa rating, as well as her own iconic lyric: "100 percent that b*tch."

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As the cherry on top of the chocolate display, she also rocked a brown manicure and a number of chocolate-coloured rings.

Lizzo is a special guest at the 2020 BRIT Awards, a ceremony that honours excellence in the British music industry. The American singer delighted the crowd with a four-track melody of her biggest hits, and was nominated for International Female Solo Artist (the award was taken out by Billie Eilish).

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Beyond her jaw-dropping performance and her incredible ensemble, there's something else about Lizzo's Brit Awards antics that has Twitter going into meltdown -- her swoon-worthy friendship with Harry Styles.

The pair, who are known for collaborating and covering each other's songs, sat beside one another at the ceremony, unabashedly flirting and playing every time the camera came near.

There's one particular moment that will be forever immortalised in Twitter GIFS -- the moment Lizzo chugs down Harry Styles' glass of tequila while he excitedly cheers her on.

It's the most fashion-forward, wholesome celebrity friendship we've seen in a long time. And if we can't take a bite out of Harry Styles, we'd certainly settle for a bite out of Lizzo's chocolate clutch.

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