Aussie Mum's Toddler Dress Made Out Of $1.50 Tea Towels Goes Viral

There's no doubt if you want to dress your toddler in little adorable clothes, the price tag that comes with them is usually anything but small.

That's why mum, Hannah Kraschnefski, is being praised by parents everywhere for her ingenuity that saw her turn two tea towels into a cute and super luxe looking dress for her daughter.

Hannah shared the adorable size two dress to the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook group where it quickly went viral, attracting over 5,000 reactions and more than 500 comments.

"I finally tried the tea towel hack! I used two tea towels and because so many people are asking, the pattern is from Tadah Patterns, and is called the All Seasons Dress and Top," she wrote alongside two photos of her floral patterned creation.

Many called the dress 'beautiful', 'stunning' and 'gorgeous'.

Hannah's daughter in her tea towel creation. Image: Supplied

"Now that is a real hack! Very cute," one wrote.

"Wow that’s adorable," added another.

"I have that tea towel in my kitchen, it looks great as a dress," commented a third.



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Speaking to 10 daily, Hannah said she's used re-purposed materials to make other sewing projects in the past, such as ensemble skirting she made for the base of a bed out of an old mattress protector.

But this was her first time making a dress out of the towels.

"I love creating unique and interesting outfits for my little girl and this seemed to be up there for that!" she said.

"Also, pretty fabrics can be quite expensive to buy, so at $1.50 for essentially what they would call a 'fat quarter' of fabric, I couldn't pass it up!"

The back of the toddler dress. Image: Supplied

Hannah said the dress took her about two hours from start to finish and cost about $4 to $5 in total to make, buying two tea towels at $1.50 each and then some thread and snaps.

"I made it using a dress pattern I already owned, the trickiest part was to make sure I could jigsaw all the pattern pieces onto the rectangle of tea towel fabric to fit them all," she said.

But aside from this, Hannah said it wasn't hard to make at all and that tea towel fabric is easy to work with.

The inexpensive tea towel Hannah used. Image: Kmart

"It is very similar to other dress making fabric," she told 10 daily. 

Hannah's next project is going to be another tea towel dress, which she will craft out of a leaf print.

"Every time I go to Kmart now I'll be looking for cheap 'fabric' ideas!" she said.

The fern tea towel is the next fabric Hannah will use. Image: Kmart

Hannah said she found the huge public response to her sewing skills 'slightly overwhelming'.

"A lot of appreciation was shown and that is nice to see on social media these days," she said.

Featured image: Supplied

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