An Influencer Said She Was Holidaying In Bali -- She Was Really Standing In Ikea

Don't let the palm leaves fool you, there's more than meets the eye to Natalia Taylor's luxurious 'Bali' holiday.

The American YouTuber posted a series of glamorous pics to her Instagram earlier this month, complete with a geotag that read 'Bali, Indonesia'.

The captions were equally as unsubtle, writing: "The queen has arrived #bali," and "Where should I travel to next?"

Natalia was not holding back. She was in Bali, and she needed her 312,000 Instagram followers to know it.

Except she wasn't in Indonesia at all. She was simply at her local Ikea.

With clever angles, a killer photographer, and the kind of warped reality we've come to expect from Instagram, Natalia managed to successfully stage a hoax holiday.

She caught her followers hook, line, and sinker. But the influencer insists the elaborate prank was all about exposing how easy it is to lie and twist the truth in the social media age.

"It's been said that life on the internet isn't always what it seems. Especially in today's age when it's so easy to pretend to be anyone you want to be," she said in her behind-the-scenes YouTube video.

The point of this video is to see if you really can fake it 'til you make it. Don't believe everything you see on the 'gram.

The popular social media star has an astonishing 1.94 million subscribers, and she walked them all through the great lengths she went to to pull off the stunt.

Taking a photographer friend along with her, Natalia arrived at the Swedish furniture retailer dressed to the nines. In an attempt to capture the essence of Bali, she opted for Ikea settings that looked the most like hotel rooms or outdoor terraces.

Natalia used a combination of her own photos and a friends' in order to pull off the stunt. Image: YouTube

She only needed a couple of good shots to post to her account, but it was the additional details that really had her fans fooled.

"Now as we were stopping at each one, I also got Instagram story footage. That way I could post on my Instagram story a video of the room as if I were actually there, just to make it seem a little more real."

Natalia also had a friend of hers send her the photos and videos they took of their own previous Bali trip, in order to repost them to her own story.

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Then came crunch time. She uploaded the first of the Ikea shots to her grid and waited for the response. Unsurprisingly, her fans were none the wiser.

"To be honest I'm surprised people are falling for this when clearly, if you look at the second picture and you zoom in, the Ikea tag is there plain as day."

Natalia left in Ikea tags as little clues. Image: Instagram

The YouTuber's stunt is not only good for a laugh, it's also a scathing indictment on Instagram culture and how easy it is to lie.

I think this video has a lesson, doesn't it? Don't trust everything you see on the internet. Sometimes people want to lie about who they are as a person and it's not hard to do, apparently.

Next time you see your high school bestie living it up in Spain, you may want to zoom in and check for any price tags first.

Featured image: Instagram

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