Kerri-Anne Kennerley Flashed The Camera On The Red Carpet -- It Quickly Went Viral

A cheeky wardrobe malfunction turned heads -- now, KAK has gone on record to say it was all "an accident."

In a new segment called KAK's Konfessional, 'Studio 10' viewers have been encouraged to send in their secret problems for television icon Kerri-Anne Kennerley to help solve.

And not one to be outdone, KAK has kicked it all off by opening up about her own mischievous mishap.

In 2015, the television presenter was photographed on the ASTRA red carpet with a whole lot of leg on display. And the photo quickly went viral.

Check out the video to see the snap for yourself.

According to Kerri-Anne though, it was all an accident or as co-host Sarah Harris called it, "a great accident."

Image: Getty

"Maybe you've turned up on the red carpet without your knickers on..." said Sarah looking at that now-notorious pic, before KAK quickly jumped in to clarify what really happened. 

I did! I did have knickers on, I promise, I promise. It was just a thong... That was an accident.

"And I didn't actually know that happened 'til the next day. Because this Instagram thing, it went around, I didn't realise what had happened. Honestly."

Her fellow 'Studio 10' panelists laughed along, with Sarah interjecting: "If I had a bum like that I wouldn't wear pants either."

"I did have... it was a thong. I promise!" said KAK again.



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