The Hidden Tribute In Natalie Portman's 2020 Oscars Outfit

In a subtle but powerful swipe at the Academy, Natalie Portman has had a secret message embroidered onto her cape.

The actress arrived at the 92nd Academy Awards in an elegant gold and black gown with a Dior cape draped over her shoulders.

Embroidered onto the cape's collar are the surnames of a number of female directors who did not receive Oscars nominations at this year's ceremony.

Stitched in gold and spaced down the piping of Portman's cape were many names, including Lorene Scafaria ('Hustlers'), Greta Gerwig ('Little Women'), Mari Diop ('Atlantics') and Lulu Wang ('The Farewell') -- all women who did not receive nominations for their work, despite creating some of the year's most popular and critically acclaimed films.

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“I wanted to recognise the women who were not recognised for their incredible work this year in a subtle way,” Portman told Los Angeles Times journalist Amy Kaufman during a red carpet interview.

The tweet has since gone viral, with many commending Portman on her tongue-in-cheek activism and subtle power move.

The award ceremony has long been accused of shutting women and people of colour out of the awards. And this year, the Oscars have been heavily criticised again this year after not including a single woman in the five nominations for the Best Director category.

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Instead, nominated in that category are Martin Scorsese ('The Irishman'), Quentin Tarantino ('Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood'), Bong Joon Ho ('Parasite'), Sam Mendes ('1917'), and Todd Phillips ('Joker').

Natalie Portman is a loud and proud feminist, and her Oscars look makes a subtle stab at a cause that is very close to her heart.

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