US Influencer Trolled For Posting About Her Beauty Routine Amid Kobe Bryant News

Cassie Randolph has 1.7 million Instagram followers, and an angry bunch were furious she took a day of mourning to spruik skincare.

News of Kobe Bryant's death cast a grim shadow across the world yesterday.

The basketball great was killed in a tragic helicopter crash that claimed lives or all nine passengers, including Bryant's 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

Bryant's passing inspired fans from all around the globe to unite in tribute -- from everyday Australians to Hollywood superstars at the Grammys.



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Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter and several others were killed when his private helicopter crashed in Calabasas. He was 41.

One person who didn't immediately respond to the tragic announcement was American influencer and US 'Bachelor' winner Cassie Randolph.

Randolph has no known relationship with Byrant or his family, nor has she ever used her platform to speak about him in the past. But that didn't stop trolls from demanding she express her sorrow.

Under an image of her outfit with a caption promoting a number of her brand partners, she was slammed for poor timing and poor taste.

"Honestly this is in such poor taste. Kobe Bryant is more inspirational that you could ever begin to dream," read one comment with 150 likes.

He has inspired millions and millions around the WORLD, and you post this???! Who do you think you are??? SHAME on you.

"We are using this platform today to mourn in solidarity," wrote another critic.

This post could’ve waited for another day. Especially given that you’re from LA, a city that is deeply mourning the loss of a legend and his daughter.

Underneath the posts are also dozens of comments that read "RIP Kobe."

Randolph replied to one of the comments, explaining that she has to adhere to "contractual requirements out of my control."

But the criticism didn't stop there. Off the back of her implication that she uses Instagram to make an income, commenters were quick to attack her for her line of work.

"Is this what you do for a living? Post ads?"



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Thinking about the ethics of living as an influencer can leave a poor taste in anyone's mouth, but Rundolph's fans did jump to defend her career.

"Did everyone else stop working? Did you call all the businesses that are opened to try to make them feel bad for working? Life has to go on," one supporter wrote.

Your job doesn’t have to wait because something tragic happened. We can, and do, care about many things at once. Don’t let people make you feel bad for posting a sponsored picture on Insta.

Hours after the troublesome post, Randolph eventually uploaded a tribute to the late sport star.

"My heart goes out to Kobe’s family and the families of the others also on board... I can’t begin to imagine how painful this is," she captioned an all-white image with a single black love heart.

"I remember how excited my brother was a few years ago when his jr. high school team played Kobe’s daughter’s team and Kobe was there."

Despite her confession that she had once, in fact, been in the same room as Kobe Bryant, further comments have noted how strange it is that Randolph is expected to use her own platform to express grief.

'Call-out culture' encourages Instagram users to hold influencers to account. But Randolph's supporters insist this latest demand for compassion was far too tenuous.

Featured image: Instagram