All Crystal Everything: Jennifer Lopez Takes Us Inside Her Superbowl Essentials Kit

Ahead of her hotly anticipated performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, J.Lo has revealed the wacky and wonderful items she keeps in her 'kit'.

If all we really need to look like Jennifer Lopez is a little bit of coffee and a whole lot of water, I think we could all give Jenny from the Block a run for her money.

But glancing over her Super Bowl essentials, she's made it look like that's all it takes.

The superstar has taken to Instagram to give fans a behind-the-scenes peak at her performance essentials. The (relatively) ordinary items include a cup of coffee, a bedazzled bottle and microphone, enormous sunglasses, and two mobile phones.

Bar the microphone, these are the kind of things you would find inside any woman's purse... with a fabulous twist, of course. The sunnies are no doubt designer, and really, who needs two phones? And given that this photo was taken on a phone, could this pic suggest that Lopez has three phones?

You may roll your eyes, but even Emma Watson admitted that celebs like to keep multiple devices at once.



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The water bottle, or "Bling Cup" as she calls it, is encrusted with black, white and grey Swarovski crystals as well as her moniker 'J.Lo'. Last year, Lopez revealed that she celebrates every career win with a new bling cup. The bedazzled bottle hardly leaves her side.

Next to it is a cup of coffee, the only thing on the table that doesn't break the budget.

Sadly, we all know that there's a lot more involved in taming that kind of talent (and yes, earning those abs) than coffee and water. But it's a great feeling to think we all have something in common with the ultra famous singer/actress.



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Finally, there's a glittery black microphone to mark J.Lo's first return to the stage after starring in 'Hustlers'.

Lopez will be performing the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Shakira, set to go down Monday morning Australian time.

The pair have shared dozens of pics and videos to TikTok and Instagram in the lead up to the performance, taking fans through their grueling workouts and rehearsals.

While the set list and costumes have been kept under wraps, we have been let in on a little bit of the choreography. And naturally, it's just as intense as we thought it would be.

Shakira shared a shot of her giving her new drum kit a whirl, suggesting that there may be a drum solo in the mix as well.

The Latin artists are some of the best dancers in the bizz, and fans are hoping they devote a special medley to their Spanish-language songs.

Whatever it is that J.Lo and Shakira have in store, we just know it's going to one of the sparkliest, most ab-tastic halftime shows we've seen in a long time.

Featured Image: Instagram