Calling All '90s Kids: Your Polly Pockets Could Score You Thousands

What a great day to be a hoarder -- collectors are paying up to $5000 for retro Polly Pocket toys.

The Polly Pocket craze has been big business for decades.

Now one quick dig through your old toy box could be the most lucrative thing you do all year. The popular toys from the '80s and '90s are becoming increasingly in-demand among hobbyists with a knack for nostalgia.

Collectors are paying big bucks for the tiny toys, especially those that were on the market between 1989 and 1998.

You could be sitting on a gold mine. Image: Instagram/ebay

But before you hurriedly drive to your childhood home and rummage through the garage, it's important to know that some of the toys are more valuable than others.

These are the Polly Pocket sets scraping in the most cash online at the moment:

  • 1992 Polly Pocket Partytime Stampers
  • 1995 Polly Pocket Light-Up Supermarket
  • 1996 Polly Pocket Jewel Case
  • 1989 Polly Pocket Disco Cassette Play-set
  • 1993 Polly Pocket travel clock

If you are lucky enough to stumble upon any of these exact toys, don't be popping the champagne just yet. There are plenty of Polly Pocket toys on eBay with zero bids.

But if you want to scrape in the cash, it's best to have the toy still within it's original packaging and in mint condition which is bad news for those kids out their who actually enjoyed playing with their toys, rather than leaving them on a shelf.

We've seen a huge wave of '90s nostalgia over the last couple of years and Polly Pocket has proven a popular choice among collectors and fashionistas alike.

Polly Pocket made an appearance at New York Fashion Week. Image: Instagram

New York-based designer Sandy Liang debuted a line of Polly Pocket-inspired jewellery at her fashion show last year. Her bubblegum pink collection features all things hearts, bows, and details so little, Ms Pocket herself would be proud.

McDonalds are also riding the nostalgia wave. Last year, the fast food chain re-released a range of their most popular old school toys to celebrate 40 years of the Happy Meal.



McDonald's Are Bringing Back Iconic Happy Meal Toys

Take a walk down nostalgia lane with McDonald's.

With mega-valuable Polly Pockets, retro toys and throwback fashion all doing the rounds at the moment, one thing is for sure -- it's a great time to be a kid at heart.

Featured Image: Instagram/eBay