Carrie Bickmore's Affordable Long Sleeve Swimming Costume Is An Instagram Hit

Just before her return to The Project on Monday night, host Carrie Bickmore shared a series of adorable family holiday snaps.

Carrie along with her partner Chris Walker and children, Oliver, 12, Evie, four, and Adelaide, one, got plenty of time to relax and kick back on their annual holiday to Byron Bay.

But the radio host said after returning to her first day back at work on The Project desk, she was 'missing these little people already'.



'This Year Is Different': Carrie Bickmore On The Sadness She Can't Shake

The Project host has opened up about the bittersweet milestone of her eldest son Oliver, 11, finishing primary school.

"Feeling so incredibly grateful for some quality time together," Carrie said.

In her typical and honest parenting style, Carrie did mention the perks of being back at work included 'enjoying a hot coffee in quiet, with no teething koala bear in my arms, no one asking me questions and no arguments to break up!'

"Who would have thought a twelve-year-old and four-year-old would have stuff to bicker over," she added.

Carrie shared lots of photos enjoying days as the beach, including what she calls her family's 'annual unco cartwheel pic' where she and her three kids attempted to master cartwheels on the sand.

"It honestly looks so elegant in my head. I love Addie’s face!" she joked.

Carrie's fans were impressed by two things in her photos: the fact she managed to keep her hat on while attempting cartwheels (impressive) and her long sleeve one-piece swimming costume.

Many questions where her swimmers from from and just quietly, we wanted to know too. "Love it, where are your bathers from?" one wrote while another told their friend: "Check out these toggs!!"

Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

And as it turns out, aside from being a sun-safe option rated to UPF 50+, Carrie's swimmers are also very affordable.

Carrie was wearing the Saffron Skies UV Surf Suit from Ripcurl, a steal at only $119.99, available from size six to 16.

Image: Ripcurl
Image: Ripcurl

It's not the first time a sun-safe set of swimmers from the brand has got lots of social media attention.

Radio host Jackie O previously wore a similar swimsuit from a previous season in 2018, which cost the same price.

When being safe in the Aussie sun meets being fashionable in the sand, it turns out we're all big fans.

Featured image: Instagram