Zoë Kravitz Explains Why Stepdad Jason Momoa Wore A Singlet To The Golden Globes

Jason Momoa was snapped at the Golden Globes wearing nothing but a singlet, and while we're certainly not complaining, we are a little confused.

Zoë Kravitz appeared on 'Ellen' to shed a little light on the situation, and pretty much confirmed all the wonderful things we've already heard about her stepdad.

According to Kravitz, 31, her mother, Lisa Bonet, 52, was feeling cold during the awards ceremony. So Momoa, 40, Bonet's ever-obliging husband, took off his blazer to rest it over her shoulders.

"As you can see in the photo, my mother was cold. Which is why he took his jacket off," Kravitz told Ellen DeGeneres. "I thought that was pretty sweet actually."

Do Jason Momoa's arms count as his plus ones? Image: Getty
The Golden Globes after party was filled with celebrity couples. Image: Getty

"That is sweet and thoughtful for everyone in the room to look at that too," Ellen responded, laughing.

The 'Aquaman' star's quick change proves he is as chivalrous as he is chiseled.

Momoa arrived on the red carpet wearing a green velvet blazer, but was pictured throughout the ceremony wearing only a black singlet, turning heads and satiating a thirsty Twitter.

And according to Kravitz, this was not the first time he turned a formal event into the gun show.

“He did the same thing at our wedding, where he had a tank top under the jacket,” she said.

Kravitz married fellow actor Karl Glusman late last year in an intimate (and majorly chic) ceremony.

Photos from their second ceremony were released early this month, and show Hollywood's favourite blended family having the time of their lives.

Zoë Kravitz and her family celebrating her wedding. Image: Instagram



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Her latest project 'High Fidelity', a modern adoption of the John Cusack novel, will hit US streaming site Hulu in February.

We can only hope we find a way to watch it in Australia. And we can only really really hope we watch it with Jason Momoa's blazer over our shoulders and his biceps by our sides.

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