'Y'all Wanna Know?': Lizzo Finally Reveals What's Inside Her Tiny Purse

There are few recent red carpet moments as iconic as the time Lizzo rocked up holding the world's tinniest handbag.

Last year at the 2019 American Music Awards, the singer attended the event along with her huge hair and tiny purse. It was amazing.

It was Valentino because Lizzo only gets the best and at the time, she joked on the red carpet about its contents.

"I got tampons in here, a flask of tequila... condoms," she said.



American Music Awards 2019: Lizzo's Extremely, Ridiculously Tiny Purse Steals Red Carpet

I'm crying cause I love you (tiny purse).

But honestly, what was in there? One tick tack? A single button? Air? The suspense was killing us.

Now, while on tour in Australia and from what appears to be her hotel room, Lizzo has finally decided to cut the suspense and share what's inside her tiny handbag.

And... it's a lot.

That is an excellent bag. Image: Instagram

"Y'all wanna know what's in my tiny bag b**ch?" read the caption of a video she shared to her Instagram.

Yes Lizzo, yes we do. This bag looks different to the one from the red carpet and is slightly bigger, but no one should dare question Lizzo.

This one is a lavender Jacquemus bag, FYI.

"Hey Lizzo, you got a pencil?" Lizzo's hairstylist and close friend, Shelby Swain, questioned off camera.

"You know I got you," Lizzo responds before taking a pencil out of her bag.

Up next was a TV remote, after Swain asked where it was and what about snacks? Lizzo even had some Pringles in her purse that magically appeared when her friend said: "B**ch I'm hungry!"

Up next Lizzo asked: "Where the hell is my wine at?" And yep, in true Lizzo magic, a bottle of wine appeared.



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Next Swain asked, "Girl, what you wearing tonight?" Lizzo took a second before pulling out a neon green dress, which looks like the one she wore on 'The Project'last night, while replying: "I was thinking about this."

Last but not least? Lizzo pulls out a brown wig from the bottom of her bag.

"Girl what the f**k? Shelby, I don't have room for this in my bag," Lizzo said.

Mic drop, Queen Lizzo is done.

Featured image: Instagram