Zendaya Just Wore A $15,000 Breast Plate On The Red Carpet And We Have Questions

Question one: is there anything Zendaya can't do? Question two: where do your boobs go? 

The 'Euphoria' star has been snapped on the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards red carpet wearing a provocative metal breast plate by fashion designer, Tom Ford.

The 23-year-old actress is known for her killer style, and her latest risqué look is further proof that if it exists, Zendaya will wear it, and she will rock it.

Zendaya and her stylist Law Roach paired the metallic fuchsia bustier with a floor-length magenta skirt. She looked a vision at the awards event, where she was nominated for her role in HBO's 'Euphoria'.

The provocative piece is turning heads. Image: Getty

That jaw-dropping tin top might be unusual, but it's not the first time we've seen it.

When Tom Ford debuted the breast plate at his ready-to-wear Spring/Summer 2020 runway show, a new fad was born: 'boob armour'.

A number of models, including Gigi Hadid, strutted the catwalk in lacquered-looking breast plates that give the illusion that they are bonded to the skin.

A number of shapes and shades came out of the collection, but the fuchsia plate was no doubt the hero piece.

Only days ago, Zendaya was pipped to the post by none other than Madam Goop herself. Gwyneth Paltrow features on the cover of the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar wearing the exact same style.

The head-turning get-up hasn't quite trickled down to the mainstream just yet. But with this huge celebrity backing, perhaps it's a matter of time before we're all dipping our boobies in Ice Magic and hoping for the best.



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The "anatomical breastplate" is made of moulded plastic and retails for $15,000. While it's front has been photographed from every which way, we're not totally sure what the back looks like, leaving us asking, where on earth do your boobs fit in? And how do all of these women fit into the exact same mould?

According to the fashion designer, breast plates will be big business this year. Image: Tom Ford

The piece is a modern and industrial take on an ancient classic. Breastplates have been sported since Greco-Roman times, and have more recently become a popular costume element for female superheroes.

On the outside, these women look ready for battle. But on the inside, we'd bet that they are mega comfortable.

Beauty knows no pain, however. And Zendaya and Gwynie know no piece, no matter how outrageous, they can't look a million bucks in.

Featured Image: Getty