Beyoncé Shares New Preview Of Her IVY PARK x Adidas Collaboration

Queen Bey's latest apparel line, which is designed for unisex fashion, will be available worldwide from January 18.

The pop star and her model friends showed off the new athleisure range in a teaser video that debuted on Beyoncé's Instagram this week.

The capsule collection appears to include tracksuits, sneakers, t-shirts, shorts and leggings, with most items in a bold maroon and orange colour palette.

Puffed sleeves, sock boots and even 'IVY PARK' gold grills are featured in the promo video, showcasing the brassy flair the Texan beauty is known for.

Models Ebonee Davis and Adonis Bosso and K-Pop star CL also star in the footage, which appears to have been shot in various locations.

In her recent ELLE cover story Beyoncé revealed her inspiration for the line, which she said is "fun and lends itself to creativity, the ultimate power.

"I focused on designing a unisex collection of footwear and apparel because I saw so many men in IVY PARK. The way they have embraced the brand is an unexpected gift. I appreciate the beauty of gender-neutral clothing and breaking the so-called fashion rules."



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Beyoncé launched IVY PARK with British retailer Topshop in 2016 but the union was dissolved two years later.

She now controls the brand outright, making her the only black woman to exercise 100 percent ownership of a major athleisure brand, according to ELLE.



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The sports company released a statement refuting claims the pop star bailed on them before deciding to join forces with adidas.

In April 2019, the mother-of-three announced IVY PARK's new collaboration with adidas, saying in a statement "this is the partnership of a lifetime for me".

"Adidas has had tremendous success in pushing creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront of business. I look forward to re-launching and expanding Ivy Park on a truly global scale with a proven, dynamic leader."