If You Don't Like Jennifer Lopez's Golden Globes Dress, You've Missed The Point

The moment Jennifer Lopez walked onto the Golden Globes red carpet in a Christmassy Valentino number, the daggers came flying.

But who are we exactly to tell Lopez she missed the mark? Well before she had even arrived, the superstar's outfit of choice was already one of the most hotly-anticipated reveals of the evening.

It was, after all, supposed to be her night.

The 77th Golden Globe Awards marked the year's first awards show to give the nod to 'Hustlers' -- the box office smash hit that followed the rambunctious lives of a group of strippers hustling to make ends meet in the wake of the GFC.

It's too much, and yet, not enough. Image: Getty

It was a career-best performance from Jennifer Lopez, whose penchant for rom-coms and Pitbull pop tunes had previously earned her success, but never this newfound critical acclaim.

The morning of the of the event, the 50-year-old's sweat-soaked Instagram -- which is the visual equivalent of 'Work B*tch' by Britney Spears -- was as motivating as ever.

Her fiance A-Rod shared a photo of her working out her arms and back pre-Globes. Why then, after such an intense workout, did Lopez show up in an over-sized, disemboweled Westfield Christmas display?

I do not know. But I love it all the same.

The green, gold and white couture Valentino gown was custom made for the singer and actress, who topped it all off with Harry Winston emeralds and diamonds.

The colossal bow, the festive colours, the all-round overstated opulence of it all caused Twitter to liken the look to an ill-timed Christmas tribute.

All over the internet the lighthearted comparisons were aplenty, but beyond that, people really went in on the dress, calling it 'horrible' and 'the ultimate f**k up'.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And I am entitled to tell you that if your opinion on this dress is negative, your opinion is wrong.

The gown is fabulous. In its foundation, it is a full skirt with a snatched waist, and a marvelously fitted bustier that Lopez's bazoomas truly deserve.

The bow is garish, sure. But if the 2019 Met Gala taught as anything, its that camp is good! Camp is great! You can shove your Veronika Maine A-line because Lopez should not be dressing like a mortal.

If this dress was spotted upon Lady Gaga or Billy Porter, my best is we'd be calling it "brilliant, incredible, amazing, show-stopping..."

Be honest, if Gaga wore it you'd love it. Image: Getty

The criticism comes as a result of our expectation that if Lopez is to look her best, she must be showing her legs, or midriff, or some other part of her God-like sculpturesque body.

The full-figured-frock is surprising, but stunning all the same.

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Awards season is upon us and we're kicking it off with the Golden Globes.

Yet if time has told us anything, it's that Lopez's fashion choices should not be questioned. In the year 2000, Jenny from the Block walked the Grammys red carpet in that iconic green Versace gown.

The outrageously plunging neckline was criticised relentlessly at the time but none the less, it's the reason Google image search was even created. Ponder that for a second.

Some 20 years later, the 'On The Floor' singer strutted down the Versace runway in a re-imagination of the historic dress which in turn made global headlines yet again.

A moment in history, Image: Getty

Moral of the story: we best not be denouncing Lopez. The superstar, in all her age-less ab-ed up glory, knows more about the future of fashion than our mortal minds can fathom.

She might not have won the Golden Globe, but  Jennifer Lopez is the proud owner of the one dress from the entire event that will be studied in style schools for decades to come.

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