All The Utterly Bizarre Things You'll Find Inside Emma Watson's Handbag

Emma Watson has revealed all the items she keeps in her handbag, and excuse me but what on earth is 'tooth mousse'?

The 'Little Women' star sat down with 'British Vogue' to unveil all the wacky and wonderful items she stores inside her handbag for their 'In The Bag' video series. Confessing that her friends call her "the bag lady," fans commented that the actress carries one of the most jam-packed bags to have been featured.

We've always known how resourceful Hermoine can be, so it should come as no surprise that Emma Watson is not one to pack light, either.

While many celebrities boast Birkin bags and Louis Vuitton totes, Emma proudly showed off her humble woven basket. Sorting through her overflowing bag, she begun talking viewers through her day-to-day possessions. And among were some utterly bizarre items.

Take a look inside the bag of the self-partnered celeb. Image: YouTube

She keeps two phones on her at all times, one for personal use and one for work. "Both of them are usually dead," she admits. "This is a strategy of mine on how I deal with how stressful life can be. It does drive people around me a bit mad, but I do my best!"

Emma also carries Pop Rocks candy, a glass straw, tooth mousse, and a muscle rub that's label reads 'quit your bitching'.

"So I'm 29, and I still carry something that looks like this," she laughs as she cuddles up to her hot water bottle with it's fluffy white pouch with bunny ears.

"My favourite thing to do when I get on an aeroplane is to ask them to fill this up for me."

Emma Watson never leaves the house without her rabbit. Image: YouTube

Standard possessions like tampons and vitamins were then followed up by a little pink pig toy that shoots balls from it's nose.

"This I don't always carry around in my handbag but I thought it was funny," she said.

Emma, famously a voracious reader, also carries a number of books. She holds up 'Beloved' by Toni Morrison, the book of the month for Our Shared Self -- the bookclub she founded in 2016.

The actress and activist also keeps a gratitude journal. "I've been doing this for the past year," she said.

You get to write three things you're grateful for, you get to write a daily affirmation, and then at the end of the day you get to write three amazing things that happened and you get a note about how you could have made it better.



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The series has seen many celebrities tip out their purses to give fans a glimpse into their everyday lives. Many of Emma's fans noted in the comments that her video was one of the most humble, down to earth clips the channel has released.

"This bag is just like Hermione’s bag," wrote one commenter. "I think this is also magical."

Featured Image: YouTube