Forget The Hemsworths' Giant Tree, We Missed The Most Important Part Of Their Photo

Actress Elsa Pataky shared a photo with her kids in front of their ginormous Christmas tree in their Byron Bay home.

And yes, while the tree is both huge and stunning, we've all forgotten to acknowledge the most important part of the Hemsworth family photo.

The matching pyjamas, I'm talking about the matching family pyjamas.

But I would like to say that I have been on board with this concept long before the actress and mum of daughter, India, seven, and twin sons, Sasha and Tristan, five. Yes, I am unashamedly proud.  

For me, my matching PJ obsession started a long time ago, long before this year’s embracement of what I think, is a very important trend.

But for this Christmas season at least, it began as soon as I saw that Peter Alexander had released one of our family Christmas favourites -- The Grinch as PJs and even better,  PJs that were available for the entire family.

When it appeared on my computer screen, my fingers went into a click frenzy and I had popped a small fortune of sleepwear in my cart before you could say Dr Seuss.  

The evening of their arrival, despite the weather outside not being supportive of our new summer nightwear collection, our family still embraced the festivity and together donned our Grinch-wear proudly and excitedly (albeit over of our regular flannel non-matching pyjamas). 

We did this because, for us, matching PJs aren’t just matching PJs. There is more to them than that.



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Before all the grinches out there start to make comments about 'consumerism' and 'unnecessary purchases', for my family, it's about being festive and having fun. Which let’s be honest, we need more of right now.   

But truth be told, I don’t just do this family collaboration at Christmas time. Take my Happy Little Vegemite pyjamas collection for example from January of this year.

An impromptu sale purchase at the airport ended up made everyone except my husband happy because they didn't have his size, as the rest of us wore them like a mini-Vegemite uniform. 

And don't even get me started on our Where's Wally PJ collection that came just in time for Father's Day. Wearing matching PJs as a family is a simple act that's both unifying and creates a little extra sense of togetherness.

Shona and her daughters in the matching Vegemite themed pyjamas. Image: Supplied

Although I may appear sightly deranged, I am clearly not the only one who is, so for once, thank God for Instagram.

From the Hemsworth family, to The Hills alumni, Lauren Conrad and her kids, as well as James Van Der Beek and his wife and children, these celebrity families have all shared pictures of their matching PJ sets on social media this holiday season.  

While it could be argued that all of this is unnecessary and there are more worthy things to spend money on rather than purchase matching set of sleepwear, the fact is, Christmas is about family and being festive and having a good time. 

There might be low cost or even no cost ways of doing this, for me it is a pair of pyjamas for each member of my family because it’s silly and because it’s Christmas (...or Father’s Day... or a sale). 

Yes, decking the whole family out in matching outfits can cost a bomb. Trust me, I've been there many times. But in all honesty, it’s not about the money.

It’s about an experience that our family have together, where we take photos of us all matching proudly and something we will look back on and make us laugh about for years to come. 

That’s what Christmas should be about -- memories, family, joy and laughter. 

Now with the new Big W range of matching family swimwear being available, it is even possible to embrace the matching tradition for an entire season.

So watch out beach goers, the Henleys are coming!

Featured image: Instagram