'Feral Shoppers': Aldi Customers Furious After Fight For Skincare Dupe

Aldi descended into chaos when the popular Lacura beauty range found itself on the 'Special Buys' list.

If Aldi were a sport, it would be WWE. Because the moment a "Special Buys" product enters the ring, you can guarantee there will be threats, theatrics and a whole lot of name calling.

Angry consumers are demanding the German retailer implement product limits after their $29.99 Lacura Christmas gift sets were snapped up in a matter of minutes.

Eager shoppers were left empty handed after witnessing crazed customers wipe the shelves clean of the discounted skincare range after buying in bulk, leaving nothing behind for their fellow shoppers.

The popular skincare line was swept up in minutes. Image: Facebook

Many have taken to the Aldi Mums Facebook Group to vent their frustrations, calling the behaviour careless and "feral".

One particular post has garnered more than 200 comments after the shopper called upon the supermarket to "strictly enforce a limit to stop such reckless behaviour in every store!"

The post stirred a lot of controversy in the Aldi Mums Facebook Group. Image: Facebook

In the same post, they wrote that they witnessed behaviour verging on violent.

What actually got me riled wasn't just the greed, it was the behaviour I witnessed not on just this occasion but others, where these people push, almost shove to the ground elderly shoppers with absolutely no care.

The replies got so hot with contention that moderators had to disable comments. Many wrote that it's Aldi's responsibility to better police 'unfair' bulk buying, while others think it's a first come, first served situation.

Eagle-eyed shoppers have already spotted the $29.99 product on eBay for more than three times the retail price.

Customers are calling on Aldi to police this. Image: Facebook

The "Special Buys" sales are notorious for bringing out the worst in customers, and it was largely expected that the battle for the Lacura gift sets would be one of the toughest yet.

The discount skincare range hit Australian shelves this year, and instantly amassed a cult fan base. One of the gift sets included the brand's sellout Caviar Day Cream, which Influencers have called a solid "dupe" for luxury brand La Pairie's $575 day cream, but for a splinter of the price.



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And it's not just Aldi fans and influencers who are raving about the skincare brand. Earlier this year, the brand's Science Renew Expert Wrinkle Smoother and Science Renew Expert Eye Gel took out top spots at the 2019 Product  of the Year Awards.

If history is anything to go by, we can be sure of one thing: where there is good, cheap skincare, there will be blood.

Featured image: Facebook