Lizzo Wore A Bumless Dress And The Internet Couldn't Handle It

The Grammy nominated artist is one of the most beloved people in the world right now.

With her tiny handbags and hit songs, it seems that no matter what she does, Twitter is quick to praise their Queen of self-love.

But many believe she has crossed the line with her latest outrageous outfit.



'You Can Kiss It': Lizzo Defends Bumless Dress After Backlash

Lizzo's message is simple: she wants to "spread that love and also spread these cheeks".

Last night, the Good as Hell singer was spotted sitting front row at a basketball game in LA.

In a black t-shirt dress, fishnet stockings and boots, Lizzo looked every bit as stylish as usual. But it was when she stood up that she really caused a stir.

During halftime, the Lakers' cheer-leading team danced to Lizzo's song Juice. Naturally, the pop star got up to sing along and twerk on the big screen.

When she did, the back of her dress was exposed, including a large cut-out that completely exposed her bum in a G-string. And yep, the internet has gone into overdrive about it.

The NSFW wardrobe moment has been deemed completely inappropriate for a family-friendly basketball game, even by Lizzo's own fans.

"You can be you and be authentic," wrote one Twitter user, "but show some discretion."

While many are arguing their problem is not with the outfit itself but where she decided to wear it, it has been pointed out that other artists have experienced nowhere near this level of flak for their similarly as revealing fashion.

The criticism has been called 'fatphobic' and hypocritical. Lizzo fans have highlighted that many of the nasty comments are less about what's family-friendly, and more about the fact that she is an unapologetically "fat black woman."

Lizzo's out and proud G-string was certainly no accident or wardrobe malfunction. In a video she posted to her more than 6 million Instagram followers, she said: "This is how a bad bitch goes to the Laker's game."



American Music Awards 2019: Lizzo's Extremely, Ridiculously Tiny Purse Steals Red Carpet

I'm crying cause I love you (tiny purse).

Lizzo is all bout self-love, and she rarely shies away from the opportunity to be provocative and start important conversations about body image.

The artist is set to hit Australian shores next month for a number of shows. Tickets to Sydney Opera House show broke records when they sold out in a matter of seconds.

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