The Note In My Phone That Saves Me During Black Friday

It can be easy to get swept up in the madness that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

When you're being bombarded from every angle through text message, email and on social media about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that just kicked off, it can be hard for even the most disciplined of us to turn away.

The deals seem better than ever and everyone around you is getting swept up in the shopping craze. All of a sudden, your mind begins to rattle off all of those things you definitely need to purchase.

But to avoid post-shopping regret, there are five questions I always ask myself to decide whether or not those Apple Airpods really are a bargain or if I do need a Dyson vacuum cleaner in my life.

It helps to put things in perspective and ensures I only the the things that I a.) really need b.) am actually saving money on. I keep a note in my phone and go through them when I'm contemplating a purchase.

Here are the five questions I ask:

1. Can I get it cheaper somewhere else?

This might seem odd to ask, but you'd be surprised how many deals aren't all they've cracked up to be.

When I'm about to buy something, I always do a quick Google search to see if it's cheaper elsewhere. You'd be surprised how many times I've abandoned items in the shopping cart or left them in store after finding a better deal somewhere else.

2. Has it been this price before?

Sales happen all the time. Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren't the first, nor will they be the last, sales to ever happen.

If it's not something that you need right now and you've seen the item at that price before, you can probably wait to buy it until you really need it.

If an item is exceptionally cheaper, I'm talking 50 per cent off or more, that's when it might really pay to pick it up in the sales.



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3. Do I need it and will I use it?

There have been too many times where I have bought things 'just in case' or because 'it's a really good deal'.

But it doesn't matter how cheap something is if you will never wear it or use it. That's why I normally only go after things I've been eyeing off for a while.

Otherwise I usually walk away from the store and if I keep thinking about the item, I will go back to buy it. If I forget about it, it's more often than not a sign that I don't really need it.

4. Is it something worth stocking up on?

If it's something you buy and use all the time, like makeup, toiletries or cleaning items, it might be worth buying a lot of it while it's on sale. That means when you run out and it's something you desperately need, you're not paying full price for it if it's not on sale at the time.



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5. Can I return it?

If all else fails and you really can't resist buying that dress that will be perfect for the Christmas party, suss out what the returns policy is. If you get home and realise you've made a huge mistake, can you take it back?

Also make sure to check out what actually happens if you do decide to return it. Will they give you your full money back? Some stores will only offer a credit note which sometimes isn't ideal, particularly if you don't regularly shop there.

If they don't offer returns at all, you might want to really consider if you need it or not.

If you're satisfied by your answers to these five questions, then go forth and shop your heart out. You have my blessing.

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