Tanya Hennessy’s Makeup Range Is Unlike Anything You've Seen Before

Tanya Hennessy has launched a new makeup range and it's all about... carbs. Yes carbs.

It's called 'Carb Collection' and includes an eyeshadow palette called 'How Good Is Bread' (answer: it's excellent) and a brush set that's fairy bread themed. Hold us, out childhood self is screaming.

The limited edition range, which launched today in Priceline, came about when Tanya decided she wanted to create makeup that was both funny and easy to use because "everyone is time poor and life is hard enough". Fair.

Tanya's makeup range takes carb obsession to the next level. Image: Supplied

"Make up should be fun so I wanted to make something easy to use and relatable... makeup is often marketed as luxe not as fun or funny," Tanya told 10 daily.

Tanya said she felt like this sort of product was missing in the market currently and with life being so serious, that our makeup routines could do with some comic relief.

"It's hyper personalised. I have written the blurbs on all of the packaging -- everything! I was very hands on, arguably too hands on!" she laughed.

I'm like Kylie Jenner if Kylie Jenner ate carbs and was poor.

The ‘Carb Collection’ includes:

  • ‘How Good is Bread’ eyeshadow palette -- $25 (brown shades in a mixture of matte and glitter in toast-shaped pans)
  • ‘I Can’t Apply False Lashes So This is It’ waterproof mascara -- $16 (the shade is called ‘Midnight Snack’)
  • ‘I Don’t Know How to Use Any of This’ brush set -- $40 (four brushes in a fairy bread makeup bag)

Tanya is also of the belief that your makeup should be applied while you're pantless... is there any other way? And her best make-up tips are just as relatable as, well, the range.

"My tip would be don't wear makeup if you don't want to. I don't unless I have to. Annnnnnd if you're in a rush... mascara makes you look less dead," Tanya said.

If Tanya had to pick her favourite product from the whole range, she said it would be the contouring brush, purely because it "gives me the illusion of one chin, despite my doughnut addiction."

We can certainly get on board with that.

Featured image: Supplied