The Behind The Scenes Details Of Decorating The Lexus Marquee For Cup Day

A lot of work has gone in to ensure every element on the marquee is perfect for Melbourne Cup carnival.

According to The Big Group's Creative Director Steffanie D'Alberto, the creative process for The Lexus Marquee, known as LANDMARK by Lexus, started way back in February of this year.

"I start with researching social, design, culinary, technological and environmental trends that feel relevant to the strong design ethos of Lexus," D'Alberto told 10 daily.

Inspiration for the marquee has come from all around the globe and a variety of disciplines, including: architecture, technology, interior design, ceramicist, floristry and landscapes.

Emma Freedman with the Melbourne Cup in front of the Lexus Marquee. Image: Supplied

"The list goes on!" D'Alberto said, adding that from this point the ideas are developed and refined over a nine month period.

The inspiration of this year's marquee came from wanting to create an environment where Lexus’s warm Japanese heritage could harmoniously fuse with the Australia landscape.

"The traditional concept of luxury is evolving and we have consciously looked to create a space where the inherent beauty of raw materials can shine," D'Alberto said.

"The layered nature of the physical structure has allowed us to layer the environmental design to feel like you are immersed in three distinctly different environments whilst harmoniously transitioning between each layer."

A dining area with a native installation on the ceiling in LANDMARK by Lexus. Image: Supplied

The team who worked on the space alongside D'Alberto included Koichi Takada, globally renown Japanese born Australian architect and Joost Bakker, sustainable floral artist.

Matt Stone and Jo Barrett, a young gun culinary duo with a focus on creating exquisite dining experiences with the most minimal carbon footprint further worked on the dining menu.

"These three like-minded collaborators have each bought their essence and energy to the project to create something incredibly unique and distinctly different to what the Birdcage audience has experienced in the past," D'Alberto said.

Steffanie D'Albertio, The Big Group's Creative Director. Image: Supplied

The physical installation of the structure began in August, with the design team slowly creating a core kit of parts that they build on each year, meaning the site continues to grow year on year.

"We spend a lot of time design and refining the environmental overlay before we move to fabrication, often up to 20 to 25 variations of designs round to get it just right before we even start onsite," D'Alberto explained.

"We start actually fitting out the space at the start of September with a lot of work happening onsite and offsite at various fabrication workshops, from metal workers, joiners, cabinet makers and upholsterers."

Koichi Takada, globally renown Japanese born Australian architect, in a dining space. Image: Supplied

Floral installations tend to play a huge role in the overall design of the space and this year is no different.

"The temporary nature of this project means we could create stunning floral installations that last for four fleeting days. This gave us the unique opportunity to create spaces dedicated to natural beauty," D'Alberto said.

Joost Bakker installing an incredible native installation. Image: Supplied

Joost Bakker's focus this year was to harness the beauty of the Australian landscape and overlay it into a warm Japanese environment.

"We utilised a stunning array of native Australian flora and fauna that threads throughout the interior and exterior of the space, focusing on the beautiful spectrum of green hues ," D'Alberto said.

Joost Bakker decorating a dining room ceiling. Image: Supplied

Floral was used as a finishing touch, being the final layer that brought all the other design facets together.

"This year we focused more on foliage and the abundance of the Australian landscape so the volume of greenery installations is quite immense," D'Alberto said.

"I can say there was definitely a series of trucks delivering the freshly cut foliage to site!"

Network 10 is the official broadcaster of the 2019 Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Featured image: Supplied