Trinny Woodall On The Makeup Mistake Aussie Women Are Making

Trinny along with her friend Susannah became popular with their show 'What Not To Wear' where they critiqued the closets of ordinary people.

But now, one half of the styling team, Trinny Woodall, has her critical sights on something else: our makeup routines.

Appearing as a guest on the panel of The Sunday Night Project, Trinny, who was in Australia last 10 years ago, said she has noticed a change in the way Australian women dress and what they wear on their faces in the way of makeup since the last time she was here.

"I tell you what I noticed, women wear more makeup, make more effort, there was a lot more sequin and glitz and I kind of thought really, quite a lot different," she said.

Trinny and Susannah. Image: Instagram

But according to Trinny, women should be able to do their makeup in a mere five minutes as she believes women in general are beginning to wear too much makeup and are in need of a 'make under'.

"I tell you what I have this bug bear because I think that with the sophistication and that kind of Kylie Jenner all that big influence, it's amazing but also to me it's a killer," Trinny explained.

Trinny and her daughter are currently in Sydney. Image: Instagram

Trinny added that there are two groups of women in particular who are susceptible to wearing more makeup than they need: women in their early 20s and women around the same age as Trinny herself, 55.

"It's a killer when I see my daughter's age suddenly putting so much makeup. They might have had acne through their teens and then they're in their 20s and they're gorgeous, they don't need to pile it on," she said.

The girls who over makeup [I want to] give them a make under because they don't need to do that.

Trinny added that women her age are guilty of keeping their same makeup routines and not modernising or changing products as time moves along.

"And then women like me, you did a makeup routine when you felt your most attractive and then you've still got that makeup routine 20 years later," she said.

Trinny loves herself some colour blocking. Image: Instagram

Trinny explained that the secret of keeping a simplified makeup routine is keeping all of your products in a stack.

"You can do every little bit, foundation, concealer, everything. I can put that on the eye, everything," she said.

Trinny's makeup line Trinny London is further offering free shipping to Australia for today until midnight to celebrate its launch in the country.

Featured image: Instagram