All The Behind-The-Scenes Details Of Jessica Mauboy's Engagement Ring

Themeli Magripilis popped the question while the pair were on holiday in Greece and now we know the lengths he went to in order to arrange the engagement ring for their proposal.

Jess recently shared the exiting news on her Instagram, writing, "The love of my life proposed to me in his family’s home town of Kalymnos, Greece on the beach at sunset."

"We are so happy. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Thank you for all the love."

But anyone who has gotten engaged overseas knows a lot of work goes into making sure the ring is ready in time and speaking to 10 daily, the designer of the ring, Nadia Neuman, has shared all of the behind the scenes details.

For Nadia, one of Australia's most distinguished jewellery designers, creating Jess' ring was a special experience as she has a long standing relationship with the singer.

"I first worked with Jess when she was preparing for Eurovision in 2018 and we instantly had a great connection. Since then, we’ve developed a wonderful friendship," she said.

Here's what Nadia had to say:

Themeli's inspiration for Jess' ring

Nadia said Themeli, Jess' partner of 10 years, went into Mondial by Nadia Nauman knowing the ins and outs of Jess’ heart, what she loves and what matters to her most.

"With all that in mind, he was able to select different styles, shapes, coloured stones, styles of settings, coloured metals, materials and designs," Nadia told 10 daily.

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"We then used the elements he loved out of each design as inspiration to make her custom ring. We also added meaningful details (like the butterfly motif) that we had never used before.”

Nadia added that Themeli wanted to create a ring that was unique to Jess and as well as something that reflected all of the things she loves.

"He wanted it to be pretty, feminine, delicate and classic.”

How the ring was brought to life

Nadia said her main role was to ensure the ring reflected Themeli's vision.

"To do that, I sat with Themeli and Jess’ stylist and we all came up with ideas that we thought she would love," she said.

The sketches. Image: Supplied

"Having her stylist be part of the process also helped as he knew what looked good on her, what would make her feel good to wear and what would be uniquely her."

After this process, Nadia said she brought all the information together and interpreted it to create something beautiful and bespoke that met all of these requirements.

How long it took to make

Nadia said sketching the ring took a couple of days and the creation of the ring took just over a month.

"The rest was a matter of the master craftsman hand making the finalised design before sending it off to the setter to set all of the stones and polish the ring," she told 10 daily.

Tell us the details

The centre stone of the ring is a 1.5 carat oval diamond personally selected by Mondial for Jess, surrounded by little round and marquise cut diamonds with additional round and marquise cut stones on the band.

"Using these different cuts of diamonds worked beautifully because it gave the ring a little bit more dimension and movement," Nadia said.

The completed ring. Image: Supplied

"We took a classic design and made it unique and special for Jess. We made the setting in a premium white gold with the butterfly motif in the gallery under the stone in rose gold."

The big surprise

The biggest part of all was making sure Jess didn't get an inclining that Themeli was planning to pop the question and according to Nadia, she had no idea.

“It was a complete surprise! I don’t think she had any idea or expectations," Nadia told 10 daily.

Jess and Nadia. Image: Supplied

"The only reason I had her finger size was because I managed to secretly take it with a cocktail ring she loved when I was dressing her for Eurovision last year.”

Very clever Nadia and Themeli, very clever.

Featured image: Instagram