Wife Sends Husband To Kmart For 'Two Things', Comes Home With $350 Receipt

When 39-year-old Deets Demiri went in to pick up two items -- he fell victim to what many have dubbed as 'Kmartitis'.

You know, that niggling feeling where you'll just have a 'quick look' and suddenly you're leaving with the entire store?

Well that's exactly what happened to the dad-of-two when his wife, Renn, 36, send him to Kmart to pick up two collapsible storage boxes, only for him to return home with 38 items (!!!) and a $350 receipt.

Renn's husband fell victim to Kmart. Image: Supplied

Renn posted her 39-year-old husband's shopping haul in Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Decor after being shocked by his loot when he returned home.

"So I think my husband is just as bad as me. Send him to Kmart for two things!!" she wrote along with a photo of the items which included six plant boxes, two lamps with globes, three tall candles and even super stylish pampas grass, among other things, as well as a photo of his receipt.

The 38 items he came home with. Image: Supplied

Kmart fans were quick to label Deets a "keeper" and give him the title of "hubby of the year" for picking up the extra stylish home decor items.

"Does he have a single brother?" a commenter jokingly asked with another adding: "Wow great taste I would be one happy wife."

"Marry him again."

Other lamented that their husbands "wouldn't even know where Kmart is" and would likely be off getting a coffee instead of picking up items to decorate their homes with.

Renn told 10 daily that he husband is "definitely a keeper" and that she will still be sending him to Kmart when she needs (but only because she thinks there isn't anything left for him to buy.)

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Renn added that her husband doesn't go on shopping sprees very often and that she's "not complaining, this is great."

Not all husands heroes wear capes.

Featured image: Supplied