'Who’s That?' Matt Agnew Has Grown A Moustache And Bachie Fans Don't Recognise Him

Ahem. We have Breaking Beard News: Matt Agnew is no longer the clean shaven version of himself that appeared on the show.

And away from the roses, candles and Osher's whispers, the astrophysicist is living a normal life with his new girlfriend Chelsie McLeod in Melbourne.

That new life also happens to involve a bit of new facial hair, with Chelsie posting a candid photo of Matt to her Instagram account.

Chelsie captioned the photo with: "If you moustache, I’m dating this guy now."

Image: Instagram

A play on must-ask, mous-tache, get it? Well not everyone on social media did and combined with Matt's new look it left the people with... questions.

Namely: "Who's that?"

No Chelsie hasn't traded in Matt for a new boyfriend, he's just... grown a beard.

But fans of the couple can be forgiven for the confusion because none of us have seen Bachelor Matt with a beard (even though he was tagged in the photo).

Still, many tagged their friends to see Chelsie's 'new guy' only to be told it's Matt with a beard. For those who did get it, many of them came up with some punny responses:

"I moustache you a question... don't worry I'm shaving it for later," wrote one.

"That’s a beard-y good caption," added another.

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Many also added that they think the new look suits him, with one writing: "He looks damn good with the moustache."

"Matt just keeps getting hotter with every new pic his beard really suits him," wrote another.

We think that's a tick of approval for Matt's new look, it just might take some getting used to.

Featured image: Instagram