FOMO Alert: The Six Engagement Rings Most Popular On Pinterest

If you're after some inspiration, these are the engagement rings that are set to trend in 2020.

In the market for an engagement ring, but don't even know where to start? You're in the right place.

Pinterest have shared with us which of the engagement rings that are being searched the most globally and it's safe to say there are some surprises in there.

So if you're the sort of person who peaks into the shopping basket of the person next to you to see what they're picking up (it's okay, we all do it) we've got your online equivalent for the most sought after engagement rings.

Here are some of the top trending styles:

1. Seamless halo engagement ring

Seamless halo engagement rings are currently the most popular on Pinterest, with searches growing by 565 per cent.

A seamless halo is one where smaller diamonds are placed around one central diamond but the halo is custom made to fit, making it seamless and with no gaps presents around the diamond.

Image: Pinterest

2. Marquise engagement ring

Marquise engagement are typically less popular that round brilliant diamonds but they seem to be making a come back with a 258 per cent increase in searches on Pinterest.

A marquise diamond is similar in shape to a football and has been worn by celebrities including Ashlee Simpson and Christina Milian.

Image: Pinterest

3. Turquoise rings engagement

Turquoise engagement rings are a distinctive step away from a traditional diamond and are much more cost effective.

Turquoise diamonds are up in searches by 208 per cent so if you like something blue, this might be the way to go.

Image: Pinterest

4. Elongated cushion engagement ring

Elongated cushion cut engagement rings are up by 143 per cent in searches and are a modern twist on the more traditional cushion cut shape.

Image: Pinterest

5. Sunburst engagement ring

A sunburst engagement ring is another take on a traditional halo, with type of halo appearing more like a sunburst or a flower around one central diamond.

These unique engagement rings are up 106 per cent in searches.

Image: Pinterest

6. Lavender sapphire engagement ring

Lavender sapphire engagement rings have a beautiful purple colour, traditionally being worn throughout time for protection, good fortune and spirituality.

Lavender sapphire is also said to offer protection, with searches for these engagement rings up by 83 per cent.

Image: Pinterest

Featured image: Pinterest